Rekunka Lake- A hidden marvel in Himachal Pradesh

Whenever one talks about Himachal Pradesh, a mention of Shimla, Manali, Dalhousie definitely comes to mind. However, the state is also home to many unexplored marvels and one of these is Renuka Lake. The lake which is serene and beautiful lies in Sirmaur District, some 38 Km from the historic town of Nahan.

A cultural legacy

This is not only the largest natural lake in Himachal but also has a rich cultural and religious legacy. The lake covers a circumference of 3412 meters and is shaped like a reclining woman.  The breathtaking views from the lake are something that you will feel only when you make it to Renuka.

Boating at the lake is a key attraction and you can also simply sit at the lake edge and watch the ripples in the water and spend some time in solitude here. Renuka is a perfect holiday destination and people from all over North India visit here.

Religious importance of Renuka Lake

Renuka Lake is said to be embodiment of Goddess Renuka. Renuka was the mother of Lord Parshuram and wife of sage Jamadagani. It is said that an evil Sahasarjun killed the sage and attempted to abduct Renuka. She jumped into the water body to save herself and despite attempts by other Gods and Goddesses to bring her out, she decided to stay in this water body. Later, a lake was formed here and was named Renuka.

Renuka lake
Image Courtesy: Adotrip

Things to Do at Renuka

You can walk around the lake and admire the natural beauty of the place. The entire circumference is around 3 Km and the walk with soothe your mind and body equally. Boating is also available at the lake and you should definitely take a round of the lake.

Earlier, a Lion safari was also available at the lake, however, presently all the Lions have been shifted out and the zoo is pretty empty except for some small animals. A temple dedicated to Goddess Renuka and Lord Parshuram is also present in Renuka and you should definitely visit these places of religious significance when you happen to be here.

During the month of November, the annual Renuka fair is also organized here and different devi and devtas visit the place. This is the perfect time to visit Renuka if you are interested in exploring the cultural richness of this region of Himachal Pradesh.

Places to Stay in Renuka

The HPTDC hotel in Renuka is the perfect place for a serene and comfortable stay if you decide to halt for the night here.  The hotel is located on the edge of the lake and it would be a great idea to spend an early morning rising up on the edge of Renuka Lake.

Reaching Renuka is not tough as it is connected through a well maintained road. Renuka is 315 Km from Delhi and is an ideal weekend getaway in Himachal Pradesh. Plan and trip to Renuka and experience the cultural and ethical richness of this place, you will definitely love the experience.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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