Places to visit in Chitkul- the Last Village of India

The last motorable settlement of India in Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh, Chitkul is a place to be if you are a nature lover and adventure seeker.

Lying on the banks of Baspa River and located in pristine nature, Chitkul is a world in itself. Its rich tradition is evident in the lifestyle that locals live and experience each day. At 3,450 meters above mean sea level Chitkul is a paradise that you should definitely explore.

Places to visit in Chitkul

Visit to Mathi Temple

The temple which is dedicated to local goddess Mathi is said to be five centuries old and is one of the recommended places to visit in Chitkul. You will find that the goddess statue is made out of wood which is distinct for the fact that stone is usually used for making idols. Walnut wood has been used extensively in manufacturing of the temple and it is a sort of seen to be believed thing to experience its true magical essence.

The fort of Chitkul

Not much is known about the history of the fort but a visit is highly recommended. This fort was once a watchtower which was used as a guard to keep count of the enemies that always had an eye on Chitkul. The wood carving done in the structure also adds to its beauty. You can also get a good overview of the village and the surrounding valley from this three storied structure.

Visit the Last Dhaba

On the banks of the river Baspa is a dabha or an eatery which truly proclaims to be the last dabha of India. This tagline has made it extremely popular and travellers from all over the world do make it a point to get clicked in front of this board. The dhaba also serves authentic local cuisine which you should definitely try while admiring the views offered by Baspa river that flows alongside.

Image Courtesy: Vargis Khan

Go to Baspa banks

Chitkul is on the riverfront of Baspa. On a good sunny day, it will make sense to go to the riverbed and soak in the majestic sun. You can also try hand at fishing here and will catch some trout if it happens to be your lucky day.  Water sports activities are also held here occasionally.

places to visit in chitkul
Image Courtesy: Bikat Adventures

Remember, it’s a village

One thing that you should definitely keep in mind is the fact that Chitkul is a village. Though it has hotels and homestays, you will have to leave the luxury of big cities behind and be prepared to experience nature and explore the lifestyle of the villagers if you come to Chitkul. If you come to this place with such a mindset, the trip will definitely be one of your best ever.

March to May and September to November is the best time to experience Chitkul.  Travel during monsoons should ideally be avoided as the place is prone to landslides.

Himachal Pradesh is a Devbhoomi and Chitkul adds much worth to this saying. Experience the magical essence of Chitkul once and you would definitely want to come back for more.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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