Places to Eat in Leh that you should definitely explore

Leh has a lot of options when it comes to trying different cuisines. You can either try some Tibetan food or check out continental. Burgers, pizzas and noodles are available in so many variations in Leh that you could end up being confused.

There are many places to eat in Leh and we have shortlisted some of the best for you.

Tibetan Kitchen, Leh

Located on Fort Road in Leh, Tibetan kitchen is one of the best places to eat in Leh, especially if you intend to try authentic Tibetan food. The inside ambiance and outdoor look is starkly different and you will definitely like being here.

Chicken Thupka is recommended for Non Vegetarians and you can also explore a range of momos and Thupka here.

places to eat in leh
Image Courtesy: Julehadevnture

Chopsticks Noodle bar

Looking for some Chinese delicacies? Chopsticks Noodle bar in the Raku Complex on Fort Road is the place to be. You can also try momos and butter tea here. The eatery is most popular for Thai curry and evidently it is one of their best preparations.

Bon Appetit

South of Changspa Road, you will find Bon Appetit another of the places to eat in Leh. Pizzas taste great in the unique ambiance of Bon Appetit and you will definitely feel close to the mighty Himalayas here. As you finish your meal here, do not forget to try their speciality, the chocolate momos.

Café Cloud

Located on the Leh Manali highway at Thiksey, Café Cloud is another of the recommended eatery in Leh. The place can be a perfect stopover for lunch and you can also relish soups, some fresh salad, sandwiches and pizzas here.  Their garden café is simply out of the world and once you have been here, you would definitely want to come over again.

Image Courtesy: Zoom Vacations

Alchi’s Kitchen

Looking for some authentic Ladakhi food? Alchi’s Kitchen can be one of the recommended places to eat in Leh in such cases. This kitchen began in 2016 and the aim has been to serve traditional Ladakhi cuisines to visitors, a mission in which it has been successful so far. You should definitely try the Tashi Tyage Tea, Khambir and Chutagi here.

Alchi’s Kitchen has two outlets, one at monastery Road and the other in old town in Leh.

Grand Dragon

This eatery is located in the premises of Grand Dragon hotel in Leh. Located on Old Fort Road, this is the place to be if you are looking for some fine dining experience. If you are the one who prefers to dine in modern ambiance, this is the place to be.


If you wish to dine in a village ambiance, Syah in Ayu village is the place to be. The eatery has been evolved on the idea of farm to table and you will get authentic cuisine, all fresh from the village garden.

Leh is a traveller’s paradise, there is no question about it, however, you will also get a lot of authentic food to taste here. So, the next time you are in Leh, you now know where to head to!

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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