A Complete Guide to Kibber

Located in the picturesque Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Kibber is a small but beautiful village. This remote village is popular for the famous Kibber Monastery and the Kibber wildlife Sanctuary. The village has around 80 houses where people live a joyful life.

At 4270 meters, Kibber is considered to be highest motorable village in world. This is the perfect reason for which a number of travellers, adventure seekers and camping enthusiasts visit the village every year.

Howsoever remote its location be, yet the village has a school, medical facilities and a post office. Thankfully, mobile connectivity is available here now and people can remain connected to world.

The green meadows, high rise mountain peaks and tranquility of the place is so enchanting that you would rarely want to come back from Kibber, once you have been here.

How to Reach Kibber

Reaching Kibber by road is not difficult as the region is well connected. An evening bus departs from Kaza to Kibber everyday at 5 PM and you can hop on to the same for a pleasant journey. It takes around a hour to reach Kibber from Kaza.

Alternatively, you can also consider hiring a taxi from Kaza for the onward journey to Kibber. A little bargaining will help here otherwise price could be on the higher side.

When to Visit kibber

Kibber spiti is definitely a tough trail. It gets very cold during winter months and the temperatures drop well below zero. Moreover, Kibber spiti valley experiences heavy snowfall and you would never be sure of what would be awaiting you on the next turn.

This leaves summer to be the only desirable time to plan a visit to Kibber. May to June is ideally the best time when you should plan a trip to kibber spiti.

Things to Do at Kibber

Trekking in Kibber

Do you love adventure? If yes, is the answer, Kibber Spiti Valley is the place to be. Many one day and short duration treks initiate from Kibber. Among these are the Gete, Tashigang and Chichum. There is nothing else to do in Kibber but to admire nature and its ambiance. What better way could there be than to embark on one such trek that can be completed in 2-3 hours.

Exploring Chichum Bridge

While a narrow and dusty road does lead to Chichum, you can either drive or plan to trek to this small village. On the way is an engineering marvel, the Chichum Bridge which is now officially the second highest bridge in Asia.

1000 feet deep george stares in your face on this bridge and standing and admiring the serene nature on Chichum Bridge gives another level of excitement that is difficult to describe in words.

Visiting Gette

At a distance of 8 Km from Kibber lies Gette a small village of green fields and brown mountains. The barren landscape has its own charm and you will definitely feel good at Gette.

kibber, spiti
Image Courtesy: Tripsavvy

Visiting Monasteries

As you are in Kibber which is a Buddhist Land, it is but usual that the place has some of the most popular monasteries including Komic, Sakya, Tangyad and Key.  Each of these monasteries has its unique history which you would definitely love to explore and experience, once you are at any of these.

Hiking Trails

Kibber in Spiti is also a Hikers paradise. If you plan to trek to Tso Moriri Lake in Ladakh, Kibber Spiti is one of the places to make this beginning. In case, you wish to try some short haul trekking, climb up to Dangmachan peak which stands at 5157 meters on top of Kibber and gives an aesthetic view of the place.

Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary

Snow leopards are the main attraction of Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary. On a good day, you can also sight some Golden Eagle and Himalayan Griffon in this wildlife sanctuary. In India, this can be considered as the only wildlife sanctuary that closes for five long months during winters.

Points to Consider

  • Kibber is at a distance of 18 Km from Kaza. It will take you 45 to 50 minutes to cover this distance.
  • Manali is 185 Km from Kibber. It is a 5 hour journey if you come via Manali to this place.
  • Winters are extremely cold in Kibber. The region has mobile connectivity (BSNL) but that is erratic.

Historic Perspective on Kibber

Buddhism is practiced widely in Kibber like many other regions of Spiti Valley. One of the teachers and guides of HH The Dalai Lama also lived in this region and this also increased the curiosity of villagers towards Buddhism.

Moreover, kibber has been on the ancient Silk Route and served as a crossing point for traders of Changthang in Ladakh and the locals. In earlier days, the region experienced true festivity during annual festival of La Darcha where trading in horses, yaks and other things of commercial relevance was done.

The place is also home to many monasteries which also fuelled the spread and reach of Buddhism in the region.

Weather in Kibber

The region is cold and temperate all the year around. Even in summers when the day temperatures can go high, evenings are a stark different and it suddenly gets cold when the sun goes down.  July can be considered as the warmest month in Kibber while January is the coldest.

A traditional festival in Lahaul and Spiti


Where to Stay in Kibber

Thankfully, Kibber has a range of options for any avid traveller and you can stay at Kibber itself.

Norling Home Stay

This is one of the most popular options for Kibber for a comfortable stay. You will get an awe inspiring view of village and Khaplang peak from the village. All the modern amenities are available in the home stay and they also have a doctor on call facility.

Deshek Home Stay

An independent terrace to offer you amazing view of the raw Himalayas is something Deshek Home Stay offers. Home cooked food, warm hospitality and knowledgable owners make your experience complete at Deshek Home Stay in Kibber.

Kanamo Home Stay

You will get some home cooked local cuisine at Kanamo Home Stay, another worthy option for a comfortable stay in Kibber. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities which will make your stay worthwhile.

What to Eat in Kibber

Peas, potatoes and barley are the local crops in kibber and most of the food preparation in the region centres around these crops only. A combination of potatoes and peas served with fresh bread is one of the worthy food preparations to try at Kibber.

If solitude is one thing that attracts you, Kibber is the place for you to be.  Do plan a visit this summer to this remote land in Himachal Pradesh and you will definitely relish this feeling.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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