Places to visit in Diskit- Unexplored Ladakh

118 Km from Leh lays the remote yet pristine village of Diskit. The silence and serene ambiance of this place is a far cry from the dazzling city life. You will instantly feel a puff of fresh air as you stand on the shores of river Shyok that passes by this region.

Diskit can be considered a small yet major town for the entire Nubra valley. Apricot plantations will definitely attract you as will some of the places to visit in Diskit that we have listed for you.

The Diskit Gompa

This 350 year old monastery perched on a hill top is one of the major places to visit in Diskit. It is also considered to be the oldest and second largest in the region after Thiksey monastery.

As you climb to the monastery, you will be greeted by Buddhist chortens and prayer flags that will definitely transform you to a different world.

Monks walking alongside busy in their prayers present an alluring sight that is difficult to forget for long.

Shyok Valley

Shyok valley is another of the places to visit in Diskit. Shyok River that originates from Rimo glaciers is a vital part of this valley. Nature seems to be at its best in Shyok valley and the majestic mountain peaks seem to provide a perfect backdrop to this alluring place. You will have to cross the mighty Khardungla Pass to approach the Shyok Valley.

places to visit in Diskit

Nubra Valley

The Shyok River merges with Siachen River to form what is known as the Nubra valley another among the places to visit in Diskit region. You can well imagine the strategic relevance of Nubra Valley from the fact that Siachen Glacier is located to its North, Karakoram pass and Sasser Pass are in its northwest and this region is also connected to Uyghur region of China.

The cold deserts of Nubra are something unique and amazing that can only be experienced when you explore these.


 When in the Diskit region, it is but natural that you would be visiting Khardungla. This is the highest mountain pass in the world which is motorable. This fact definitely makes it special. It is also the entering point for the Shyok and Nubra valley. It is only 39 Km from Leh and every traveller who visits Leh or Diskit region makes it a point to cover Khardungla. After all, the feeling of being at the highest motorable pass is something special and you should definitely experience, the same when you are in this region.

Sand Dunes of Hunder

Between Hunder and Diskit lie the famous sand dunes of Hunder which are a patch of amazing white sand and that too at a high altitude region. The camel ride of these sand dunes will definitely leave a lasting impression in your memory. The region otherwise is rich in fruit production and you will find a lot of apricot, walnuts and almonds in Hunder.

Places to Stay in Diskit

There are lots of stay options in Diskit. Hotel Stendel in Diskit Village is one of these.  You will get all the modern amenities here the hotel owner will lovingly arrange your trip for Sumar Monastery and Hunder Sand Dunes if required.

How to reach Diskit from Leh

The distance of Diskit from Leh is 116 km and it can take over 7-8 hours due to the treacherous road. A bus operates from Leh to Diskit and leaves the station at 7:30 in the morning. You can alternatively consider travelling by a taxi too.

Things to know about Diskit

May to October is the best time to plan a travel to Diskit. Electricity is available in Diskit from 7 pm to 11 pm only. Plan your things accordingly. Generators are however available at all properties so it won’t be a major issue.

An ATM exists in Diskit thankfully, 0.5 Km from the bus station. However, carry some cash from Leh as you never known when this lone ATM runs out of cash. There is one internet café too in Diskit in case you find the need of connecting with outdoor world.

Do check on the acclimatization part and if you feel hazy in Leh, do not venture into this region as you will have to cross Khardungla Pass to reach Diskit.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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