Kugti Village-A Remote Heaven in Chamba

Kugti has gained fame for the fact that this remote region is home to Kugti Wildlife Sanctuary which is one of the biggest wildlife sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh. The beauty is remarkable and once you have been here, chances are high that you will come again.

The Last village in Chamba

Technically, Kugti Village can be considered as the last village in Chamba and it borders the tribal district of Lahaul and Spiti. The journey could be seamless if something like Atal Tunnel could have connected the region, giving a boost to tourism.

However, that seems a far call, and the journey is treacherous presently spanning over a period of 2 days if one was to go to Lahul and Spiti from Kugti.  Kugti is a getaway for a lot of Gaddis who leave from here to Lahaul. The return journey spans over a period of 6 months and it is an annual ritual for these Gaddis who have been treading this path relentlessly over the years.

Life seems in a different bracket in Kugti as there is no mobile connectivity. Winters are tough as there is no electricity for most of the part.

Kugti is highly recommendable to those who love to enjoy their solitude. Most of the villagers are agriculturist and seem to be self sufficient. Some of them are also in jobs and all lead a simple and happy life, something which the best of money cannot buy.

Bharmour to Kugti

The 25 Km something journey from Bharmour to Kugti can take around 2 hours. This is due to the treacherous road and the amazing views which will make you stop at every turn. The roads are good otherwise and even an Alto from Maruti can cross this stretch effortlessly.

Kugti Village
Image Courtesy: Ashish Singh

Things to do in Kugti

This place is for those who love to connect with nature. People are friendly in the village and you can talk and interact with them freely.  People who have to understand the socio-economic profile of people and region will find a good subject here.

Hill architecture is another aspect to study here and people from Kugti have beautiful village houses that will amaze you.  Most of the houses are in traditional Khat Kuni architecture where layers of thick wooden logs and stone masonry have been used.

If somehow, you are able to make it to Kugti during winters, you will find the place buried under 5 feet of snow. Summers are comparatively green in Kugti and you will find a lot of liveliness in the place and its people during summer months.

People from the region also hold the Kartik Swami temple in high esteem.  If you are an avid trekker the distance of 7 Km from Kugti village to the temple is something you can trek, it is highly recommended that you accomplish this trek. This will give you a fair idea of the region itself.

Image Courtesy: Manjiri Latey

Where to stay in Kugti

Kugti does not have any hotels or homestays presently. In the future, the village will definitely have some but for now, you can return back to Bharmour. During summers, if you can be self-sufficient camping at a distant hillock away from the village could be an option.

Special mention: All the pictures used are from the Kugti Village Facebook Group. Heartfelt thanks to the group members for showcasing this pristine beauty of Himachal Pradesh.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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