Places to visit in Bharmour – The land of Shiva

At a distance of 61 Km from Chamba and 102 Km from Dalhousie, lies the beautiful and unexplored town of Bharmour. This is the land of Lord Shiva and it is believed that Lord Shiva resides here on the Mount Kailash for which the annual Maninahesh Yatra is carried out.

There are many places to visit in Bharmour and primarily your time will be occupied in visiting and exploring the age old temples in this town which also happens to be the regional headquarter for this area.

Let us begin our places to visit in Bharmour journey by capturing glimpse of some of the popular temples in the area.

Chaurasi Temples of Bharmour

This temple complex is popularly known as the Chaurasi Mandir and is listed among best places to visit in Bharmour. These are 84 beautifully carved out temples that stand on a level area. These are reportedly named after the 84 Siddhas who meditated in this region thousands of years ago.

The scenic view of surrounding mountain ranges with their snow capped peaks is something that you will remember for long.

places to visit in Bharmour
Image Courtesy: Himstates

Bharmani Mata Temple

  This temple is among other places to visit in Bharmour and is located on a hillock, 4 Km from main town of Bharmour. It is believed that Bharmour was earlier known as Brahmpura after Bharmani Mata only.

Goddess Bharmani was granted a boon by lord shiva that those going to Manimahesh Yatra will have to take a dip in the holy lake here.  The religious trip is considered complete only when the devotees take a dip in the holy lake waters here.

Banni Mata Temple

At the base of Pir Panjal at over 8500 feet, stands the beautiful temple of Banni Mata which is more popular for its unique architecture. This ancient temple is dedicated to Goddess kali. This temple is extremely popular with the gaddi community of Bharmour who seek the blessings of Goddess kali her before they cross Kalicho pass.

Bhagwati Mata Temple

Another of the places to visit in Bharmour is the Bhagwati Mata temple which is dedicated to Goddess Chamunda. This temple stands in village Seri and a steep trek of 2 Km from Bharmour will take you to this temple.

If you prefer the easier way out, a 3 Km motorable road and 1 Km of easy trek can also be considered.

Kugti Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are a wildlife lover, the list of places to visit in Bharmour can be expanded a bit.Kugti Wildlife Sanctuary is the biggest one in Himachal Pradesh and should definitely be explored. You can well consider its expanse from the fact that it is spread out from 2,195 meters to 5,040 metres. Kugti is 17 Km from Bharmour and you will need an entire day if you are a nature lover and wish to explore the region.

You can also plan to explore Tundah wildlife Sanctuary which is popular for Himalayan Ibex and Brown Bear.

best places to visit in Bharmour
Image Courtesy: Savaari Blog

Waterfalls in Bharmour

It is but natural that when you are visiting the mountain region of Bharmour, you will come across many waterfalls. Some of the worth exploring include Thala, Ghared, Sathali, Hadsar and Kaksen –Bhagsen waterfalls. Nature is in its prime here and the serene and calming effect that the cool waters will have on you would be an occasion and experience for you to remember for long.

When to Visit Bharmour

Winters are extremely cold and the region receives heavy snowfall which also leads to closure of roads. April to June and September to Early November can be considered to be the best time to visit the region. If you wish to proceed on the Holy Manimahesh Yatra, August is the best time.

How to reach Bharmour

Kangra Airport is 190 Km from Bharmour and you can hire a taxi from the airport itself to Bharmour. Buses are also available if you wish to experience local life and way the locals commute. For those coming by train, Pathankot in Punjab is the nearest airport and buses can be taken from Pathankot to Chamba and Bharmour to further continue the journey.

Places to Stay in Bharmour

There are many hotels and homestays in Bharmour and you can plan to stay in any of these as per your budget and suitability.

A visit to any hill station is always rewarding for you carry a lot of memories behind. Bharmour will also amaze you with its pristine views, rich culture and friendly people. Do plan a visit soon and share your experience with us.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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