Travel Tips for Beginners that you must consider

So you are embarking on your first travel trail. While, excitement might be at its top, if you consider some travel tips for beginners, the trip would become one of the best of your life.

Consider the clothes

When you travel, considering the kind of clothes that you must carry should be a priority.  Otherwise, you could end travelling to hills with plain shirt in October, when it usually gets colder in hills. Ideally, you should do all the checks about weather for the place that you are travelling to.

This will give you a fair idea of what kind of clothing to carry. Ideally, you can also consult your tour operator or hotel if you have done prior bookings. They can also guide you accordingly since they know well about the location, you are travelling to.

Money for the Trip

One of the travel tips for beginners is that you should always consider on how much money you should carry for the trip. Always consider the money fact keeping in mind the location you are travelling to. While earlier you always had to carry some cash as ATMs were limited in small tourist places. However, with the introduction of digital technology and introduction of multiple Apps that enable virtual payments, things have changed. Even small shop accepts payment through Paytm, BHIM App, Phone Pay and multiple other apps.

travel tips for beginners

However, still you must carry some cash as in places where ATM are less and internet connectivity is limited online payment modes do not work. In such a scenario, always carry ample cash so that you are not caught unaware.

Pack Less

Travel tips for beginners also indicate that the trail will get better for you if you pack less. Travelling with a lot of luggage will make things difficult for you. From the airport or train station to the hotel you are staying, travel would become a problem if you have excess luggage.

Pack less and pack light, you will always enjoy the trip. Laundry facility is always available at the hotel you would be staying. It might add a bit to your budget but packing less would make your trip enjoyable.

Meet Locals

You should always meet a lot of locals. They will always guide you to the right place and most appropriate places that you should visit in the location. You can also take suggestions from the tourist reception centre that exists in most of the places that are of tourist interest. This way, you will have a plan in advance when you arrive at the place.

Going through such a process will save you from all hassles and end up saving lot of money too which you could have spent on engaging services of a guide.

travel tips for beginners

Try local food

No trip to any place will be complete until you taste some local cuisine. It would give you a sense of the place and its people too. Look for some eateries that sell local food. Hotels always serve costly food and if you research a bit, you will not only get some cheap quality local food but would end up meeting friendly locals who can guide you for planning your further trip.

Keep these travel tips for beginners in mind when you head out from the home, post COVID now. Travel safe and travel light, you will always enjoy the trip!

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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