Suhi temple- A Historic Perspective of Chamba

Having heard of the Suhi temple during my visits to Chamba, i decided to visit the same, as the history of Chamba is related to Suhi Mata and once you visit the temple to understand the story, a different perspective of history of Chamba will emerge in your mind.

It was a cold December morning when I decided to climb up to the famous Suhi Mata temple in Chamba. The temple is visible from the lower edges of Chamba, a gorgeous town located in the far end of Himachal Pradesh.

I had been visiting the place often and every time omitted visiting this historic temple which was constructed in memory of queen of Raja Sahil Varma, the famous ruler of Chamba. A young boy Vikram who had come up to the temple alongside me appeared to be the sole knowledgeable person of the lot to guide me.

suhi temple
Image Courtesy: Holiday Rider

History of Chamba Town

During the course of discussion, Vikram told me that when Raja Sahil Varma established the town, he build a canal to satisfy out the water requirements of the region . However, to his astonishment he noticed that the water from Sarota stream didn’t flow through the canal.

The King consulted the priests and was advised to sacrifice his son or wife so as to please the Gods. Consistent with another tale, the King had a dream during which he was asked to sacrifice his son or wife in order that the much needed water could flow through the canal. Sahil Varma told his wife about the dream. The queen thereafter pleaded that she be sacrificed in lieu of her Son.

Image Courtesy: Traveltriangle

The queen was buried alive within the grave and water started flowing thereafter within the canal. It’s at this place that a little temple has been constructed. An annual fair is conducted in honour of Sui Mata in which ladies and children participate. The queen gave her life so that the people of region did not face any water scarcity.  The fair by the name Suhi Mata ka Mela is extremely popular within the region and is widely celebrated during the month of April. Every town and city in Himachal Pradesh, a small state in North India has such unique tales for anyone who is willing to lend an ear. It is highly advised that when you plan a visit to the Hill state of Himachal Pradesh, do try to learn about the local culture and traditions of the place.

You will definitely go back with a lot of memories, knowledge that you can share with others and a desire to come back someday to hear more stories that have been reverberating in the hills since centuries.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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