Unexplored Ladakh- Place to visit and Things to do in Nubra Valley

A valley laden with deep cut gorges, Nubra valley comes to life when Shyok and Nubra rivers meet. This is undoubtedly the most beautiful part of Ladakh and there are a lot of things to do in Nubra valley that will keep you occupied, when you decide to visit this magical land.

At a distance of 160 Km from Leh, Nubra is a world apart in itself and you will feel this magical essence, once in this region.

Places to Visit in Nubra

Nubra will definitely keep you occupied as there are a lot of places to visit and things to do in Nubra Valley.

Diskit Monastery

A visit to Diskit Monastery can give a worthy start to your trail as this is the largest and oldest Monastery in this region. It was built during 14th century and is popular for its unique architecture. The monastery has a large statue of Cho Rinpoche and a fresco that depicts Tashilhunpo Monastery of Tibet. The 32 m tall statue of Maitreya Buddha in the main complex is worth watching.

This statue is so placed that it overlooks the entire valley and its western side is faced towards Pakistan.

Hunder Sand Dunes and Camel Safari

Nubra valley is home to another specialty, the double humped camels. Popularly, these are also known as camels with backrests. A camel ride on sand dunes is one of the recommended things to do in Nubra Valley.

These sand dunes have beauty of their own as these are surrounded by rugged mountains, snow capped peaks, apricot orchards and Siachen River that flows alongside. It is indeed a fun experience to take this camel ride in sand dunes of Hunder.

things to do in nubra valley

Quad Biking

If you are an adventure lover, Quad Biking is another of the things to do in Nubra Valley. Riding an ATV or Quad bike is a unique experience in itself and the excitement that you will feel doing so, is something of next level.

Samstaling Gompa

Another of unique places to visit in Nubra is the Samstaling Gompa.This is located in a small village named Sumur and the gold, red and white coloured Gompa looks all the more serene in ambient location as high mountains seem to stand guard. A visit to Samstaling Gompa will also give you the opportunity to try your hand at trekking as the Gompa is 45 minute climb from the village of Sumur.

places to visit in nubra valley

Yarab Tso Lake

Yarab Tso Lake is located at a distance of 15 Km from Diskit. The lake is at a 20 minute hike from Panamic village and is considered a holy place by people of Ladakh. A unique aspect about the lake is its clear waters and you can even witness the bottom of the lake which makes this entire experience truly mesmerizing.

Turtuk Village

This region bore the brunt during the 1999 India –Pak war of Kargil. Incidentally, this place was in Pakistan before war of 1971 and the fortunes of this village changed in one night, when it came under Indian control.

Cut from outside world till 2010, this village is a unique place to experience Balti culture which is predominant in the surrounding areas belonging to Pakistan. Visitors are now allowed in Turtuk and the village has some homestays where you can stay and experience the unique life of people of Turtuk, the last village of India in this region.

How to get to Nubra Valley

Nubra can be accessed via Leh. There are two ways of reaching this valley. One of these goes through Khardungla pass while the other is via Wari La. Most of the adventure seekers go through the Khardungla as going through Wari La is not easy for faint hearted people.

Best Time to Visit

 April to June and September to October are the best time to visit Ladakh and Nubra Valley too. The approximate distance between Leh and Nubra valley via Khardungla is 160 Km while the distance increases by a modest 10 Km through the other but tougher route.

Permit for Nubra

Nubra valley is very sensitive from security perspective. Therefore, foreign nationals and Non Resident Indians require Protected Area Permit before they visit Nubra. Indian Nationals also need inner line permit to visit Nubra which can be obtained from DM office in Leh by making a personal visit. Registered Travel Agents are the source for Protected Area Permit.

As the region opens up for travellers, post the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is time that you complete all the formalities in advance and head to this unique land that is known as Nubra. The experience that you will take along will be life changing and worth remembering for long.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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