Top 10 Beautiful Beaches in India

Sand, Sun and Sea make such a unique combination that any nature lover would get attracted to it. India is bestowed with this beauty and when you get a chance to visit any of these best beaches in India, the magic of nature will unfold before your eyes.

Let us know more about top 10 beautiful beaches in India so that next time you plan a vacation to any beach side location, you know perfectly where to head.

Radhanagar Beach

This beach is Havelock Island is simply mesmerizing. It definitely finds its way among top 10 beautiful beaches in India as it was once listed as best beach in Asia. The crystal clear waters of this beach and the white sand will definitely leave you amazed.

Tarkali Beach

Among the best beaches in India, Tarkali beach in Maharashtra also finds a mention. If you are looking forward to spend some serene moments in solitude, Tarkali beach will definitely fit the bill. This white sand beach also offers views of Sindhudurg fort. You can also participate in adventure sport activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and parasailing here.

Gokarna Beach

Rarely will you come across a beach that has both religious and aesthetic value. Gokarna in Karnataka is one such beach which also finds its mention among top 10 beautiful beaches in India. You can enjoy sunbathing at this beach and visit the temple in the vicinity.

top 10 beacutiful beaches in India

Mandrem Beach

Goa is known for its popular beaches. However, a visit to Mandrem beach should be in your bucket list if you are exploring top 10 beautiful beaches in India. The beauty and pleasant climate that Mandrem offers is simply awesome.  Sipping in some hot Maggie sitting on the beachfront is something you must definitely try at Mandrem.

Kapu Beach

Kapu in Karnataka is also known for its beautiful beach. A combination of golden sand, clear sky and greenery around will definitely leave you spellbound. This beach flows alongside Netrawati River and if you happen to pass by South Karnataka, a visit to Kapu beach should definitely be on your wish list.

Wandoor Beach

If you ever visit Port Blair, you will find many joggers running on this beach.  Ranked among top 10 beautiful beaches in India, Wandoor is a nature lovers den. The expanse of this beach is so vast that you will not be able to watch the entire stretch in one go. White sand and turquoise blue waters make this beach indeed beautiful.

Yarada Beach

A beach lover will definitely find Yarada beach of their liking. This beach in Andhra Pradesh is known for its serene ambiance as much as it is known for the range of water sport activities that can be tried on its banks. This beach is less crowded and in case you are here on weekdays, enjoying some moments of solitude would definitely be possible.

Palolem Beach

With a mountain peak forming the backdrop, Palolem in Goa is one beach that should be on your wish list. This is among top 10 beautiful beaches in India that you should definitely plan to visit. The silent noise party which is an annual affair at Palolem also attracts visitors from all over the globe.

Majorda Beach

This beach in South Goa is also considered among best beaches in India. The stunning scenic views that Majorda offers can compete with the best in the world. If you are lucky, you can also get some luxury accommodation near the beach. Sunsets and sunrise look amazing from Majorda and you will definitely have a life remembering experience, in case you witness this amazing moment of nature.

Om Beach

If you watch Om beach from the hilltop, this beach will appear in Om shape. This beach offers its own vibes and is a heaven for hippies whom you will find here at any time of the year. You can take a walk on the beach, take a dip in the sea and sunbathe at the beach.

India is a beautiful state and whenever you are on a sojourn to South India, a visit to top 10 beautiful beaches in India should be on your wish list. I definitely hope that this list will help you prioritize your trip.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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