How To Find Cheap Flights: Insider Tips on How To Save

Planning to travel post-COVID?  While the airfares could skyrocket, here are some tips to find cheap flights. Check out these suggestions and your next trip could be one of your best.

Focus on travel during the off-peak season

If you’re looking for the most favorable flight deals, choose a vacation during off-peak travel times (Fall for getaway deals, winter for skiing). Airline tickets are more expensive at these times because there are fewer people on the flights, which generally means less demand for their seats.

Our tip: Decide where you’re going, and check out the latest flight deals in and out of that city to narrow down the number of destinations you’re traveling to. Scout out what time of day is cheapest to travel.

When researching cheap flights, it’s also a good idea to take a look at what time of day is the cheapest time to travel. Flying at times other than peak times means there will be fewer people on your flight, which will help you, score a cheaper flight. This was our first tip on how to find cheap flights.

Break all inhibitions and explore the world

Use apps to find the cheapest flights

If you are looking at how to find cheap flights, when buying flights, the cheapest way to save is to book at the last minute. For instance, before buying an international flight that was going to be 11 months away, just set a reminder for the last day to book. Or when looking at a weekend trip, just set a reminder for the day to buy. TripIt can help you remember these things. It’s a very simple app, with a lot of features that you can use to travel smartly. It’s only $3.99 for Apple devices, but it’s well worth it. It works with Outlook, iCloud, and Google Apps for business and personal use. Get customer-powered recommendations Best Flights (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) — Available for free of all the travel apps I’ve tried, Best Flights is my favorite.

how to buy cheap flight tickets

Consider the price of your destination

Before you start looking at the usual low fare airlines, find out what the current prices are. You can check your options here. Check out the pricing for different airport fees like security and checked bags. Ask if there are discount airlines. Or look up airfare if you don’t want to pay the full fare. Swipe right Travelocity has a mobile app and you have to type  in your dates, destination and desired dates. After you have chosen your dates, simply search for a flight. If the cheapest fare is found, just click and buy it. It’s that easy. You can also get the app for free on both Apple and Android devices.

Get your “butcher” for a big discount Remember that airlines have so many sales. Many times they have a deal that is for 10 days.

Be flexible with your dates

You can still travel if you’re flexible with your dates. By doing so, you’ll make some less expensive flights. But be sure to compare prices and don’t forget, some airlines have blackout dates when certain routes are off-limits. Check with airlines ahead of time. It’s recommended to contact your preferred airline to see if they have any early-bird specials or seasonal fares. And, you can also check directly with your travel agent or online.

how to buy cheap tickets

Many carriers have special apps that allow you to check in and stay on top of your flight status. Post about your flight on social media channels and you would receive suggestions from dedicated travellers.

Fly on budget airlines

Plane tickets are usually not cheap, but bargain airlines offer low rates for domestic or international travel. If you’re not familiar with budget airlines, Southwest and Frontier Airlines are two that fly from the Dallas area.

Shop early

Another point worth remembering during how to buy cheap flight tickets is that you should never be in a hurry. Being in a rush when booking a cheap flight can often lead to a higher price. Check airfare fares on the weekends or even days before you depart in case a deal pops up. Avoid layovers If you’re traveling from DFW International to Mexico City, say, don’t think about flying into Guadalajara and then taking the bus down the Sierra Madre mountains to Mexico City.

While the above are just a few ideas to keep in mind when traveling for work, it does help to know which programs are out there to help you save on airfare and tickets. Also, booking these programs with credit cards that offer an airline credit card could make your trip much more affordable. We hope these tips for how to buy cheap flight tickets help you book your next trip.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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