Let’s find about Best Time to Visit Spiti Valley

Planning a trip to Spiti? This remote district in Himachal Pradesh holds a unique charm that is difficult to describe in words. The barren landscape will attract you, allure you and make you come over and over again. The remote district is around 500 Km from Delhi and yet travellers visit this barren land, rich in culture and with a trail that raises the spirits of adventure seekers to a new high, Spiti definitely deserves to be explored. Let’s find more about best time to visit Spiti valley.

How to Reach Spiti?

An interesting question in the first place, this barren yet alluring land is accessible, the year around, except for some brief duration during winters. While the journey through Manali route might get hindered as Kunzum pass closes, the other way around from Kinnaur is mostly open.

Best Time to Visit Spiti

April to May

This is the time when snow starts to melt and the place shows a new aspect itself. The mountain tops are covered with snow while the traffic moves through the narrow roads. Not many tourists venture during these months and if you are among those who wish to embark on an adventure trail, definitely these two months should be on your plan.

Mid May to June

This is the time when you come across most travellers and tourists in the region. Kaza, Tabo, Chandra Tal, Langza, Hikkim and Kibber are among the places that you can reach out easily during this period. Definitely this is one of the best time to visit Spiti valley, if you are accompanied by kids.

best time to visit Spiti Valley

July to August

This is the time when monsoon spreads its reach over Himachal Pradesh. However, with Spiti being in the rain shadow area, you will find it virtually dry when it is raining cats and dogs in other regions of Himachal Pradesh like Shimla. When you venture beyond Manali (if going through Manali-Kaza) or Recong Peo (Shimla-Kaza) route, the rain will decrease in intensity.

September to October

The winds get harder and sharper during this time and while you could be sweating during day hours, the trend will get reverse in night. Only travel for fun and adventure seekers is recommended during this time. It is not advisable to travel with children during this period. Definitely, this is not among the best time to visit Spiti valley and you should only plan if you are medically fit in all aspects.

Fun and Frolic during Winter Months

November to March

Be a daredevil to be in Spiti during extreme winters.  Everything is tough during these months and only a few homestays will be operational as temperatures dip down to -30 degrees during peak winter months.
You could unexpectedly get stuck in snow if you attempt any misadventure. All said and done, this might not be the best time to visit Spiti valley but if you somehow make it, the experience that you will carry back with you will be unique to the core and you would want to tell your adventure stories from Spiti to everyone in your family and among your friends.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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