Exploring the hinterland Manali on Anjani Mahadev Trek

Manali has its own charm. The serene calmness of the place allures a person from the moment they enter the picturesque town. As you get close to exploring and experiencing manali, the magic of this hill town begins to unfold.

Among its different scenic locations, Anjani Mahadev is on worth exploring. Located two Km from Solang nala, Anjani Mahadev trek is considered a fairly easy trek. On the way as you pass through the calmly flowing river, you will see small makeshift shops that sell hot and piping Maggie!

What better place to feast on hot Maggie than on the Anjani Mahadev trek. You can also take part in adventure activities like zip line on the way if you are an adventure freak.

Anjani Mahadev Temple

The place is truly blissful as you get to see snow capped mountains on one end, dense deodar forests and a waterfall culminating into a lake. The sight is indeed beyond anyone’s imagination and only a visit to this place can suffice for what I am trying to communicate by penning down my thoughts.

A flight of steps takes one to temple complex and you will be pleasantly surprised to find snow here during month of April also. The experience on Anjani Mahadev trek will be unique indeed as you will have to go barefoot for the last few meters. Going barefoot in snow is entirely different experience and will definitely be an occasion worth remembering.

The waterfall neighbouring the temple seems to be so aptly placed as gushing water falls on shivling that sits in middle of the complex. Nature is at its best at Anjani Mahadev and if you come here on a sunny day, the mountains opposite to the temple complex will be bathed in sun while the temple and its surroundings reflect in the shade of Lord Shiva.

anjani mahadev trek
Image Courtesy: Inspirock

Anjani Mahadev trek is a perfect place for anyone who is interested in nature, photography and God. The serene calmness of the place is so charming and pristine that you would want to remain here only and admire the snow covered mountains that stand guard to Anjani Mahadev. A rather unexplored place which most of the trekkers and travelers miss, Anjani Mahadev trek is something that you must try, when you are in Manali.

When to Travel to Anjani Mahadev

April to November is the best time to visit this place as the area might be inaccessible during peak winter months since it snows heavily in Solang Nala and its surrounding areas. Monsoon months should also be avoided as all the water bodies are in spate and it can be risky to plan a visit during these months.

If you wish to experience snow, late March or Early April is the best time to be; else September to November can be an appropriate time for the Anjani Mahadev Trek.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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