Exploring Rampur Bushahr-A serene town in Himachal Pradesh

The last capital of Bushahr, the region that ruled over Shimla and Kinnaur for long is a special town. The region is a gateway to Kinnaur district and is located on edge of Shimla district. The town has its origin to the times of Pradyumna, the son of Lord Krishna.

Rampur Bushahr- The Magical Town

As you enter Rampur Bushahr, the roar of Sutlej will offer you a refreshing sight as will the huge hanuman idol which is a landmark icon of Rampur town. The town itself is divided by Sutlej into two parts with most of the region across the bridge falling in Kullu district.

The green Himachali cap is a landmark icon of the region with every second head being covered by this cap. Off and on, you will also come across with women attired in traditional Himachali dress making a round of the market.

Rampur Bushahr

 Rampur Bushahr has always maintained its traditional importance since it falls on the ancient trade route between India and Tibet. A feel of the same, you will get in the month of November, when the traditional Lavi fair is organized with much fanfare in the town.

Padam Palace

On the main road, as you approach the bus stand, you will come across Padam Palace which is an important place in Rampur Bushahr. The two buildings, one in dark brown and other in turquoise blue make this place look amazing.

The sprawling complex has a big ground that adds to its beauty as does the ash grey stone pillars which make it look awesome. The display of exotic local art on the pillars also adds to the beauty of the entire structure.

The ceiling in the corridor region has geometric patterns in different colours including green, red and white which add to the beauty of the Padam palace. The palace is the private property of royal family of Rampur Bushahr and is maintained fairly well.

By taking a round of the main complex, you will be able to judge the architectural richness and designs that used to be prevalent during early 19th century.

Town of temples too

Rampur Bushahr can also be called as town of temples too. The town has three temples named Narsingh, Raghunath and Dungyur temple. While Narsingh and Raghunath are old temples, Dungyur is a new temple that was inaugurated by HH The Dalai Lama in 2006. The temple is near bus stand and can be visited while you are on the way to Kinnaur.

Image Courtesy: Go2india

Busy market, friendly locals

Rampur Bushahr has a charm of its own. The old market that has a stone pass way and narrow by lanes gives you an impression that you still are in the early 1980s till the time you come across youngsters busy on their mobiles which breaks this myth.

Enjoying a hot cup of tea with freshly prepared Pakora has its own charm and enjoying it in a small rustic shop with the gushing Sutlej flowing a few meters away is a feeling that you can have only in Himachal Pradesh. Rampur Bushahr is a perfect place to do so and the next time you pass across this town, do make it a point to stop a while and experience the lively buzz of this small town in remote corner of Himachal Pradesh.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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