Your Guide on Things to Do and Places to visit in Kasuali

Kasuali or Kasauli can be aperfect weekend getaway for those from Delhi as they intend to get back by Monday.  This British Town that has been around since long is around 400 Km from Delhi and can offer you the best ambiance and the perfect location for a weekend trip.

When it comes to places to visit in Kasuali, the serene ambiance and peace that you experience here is simply breathtaking.

Places to visit in Kasuali

Be it the CRI, Christ Church or the Kasauli Brewery, each place has its own relevance. The colonial styled bungalows also add to the beauty of this Himalayan town.  Kasauli is a trekker’s paradise, the town has numerous walking trails and starting early in the morning can have its own advantages.  The town which has been home to legendary personalities during past will definitely surprise you on every bend and turn.  

As you the trail, the gothic designed church which has been here since 19th century will definitely attract you. Its glazed mirror walls and unique location in peaceful Himalayas is definitely a great additive that you will feel when you are here.

The trek to Monkey Point, the highest point in Kasuali is something that you should definitely do. A trek early in the morning will give you a unique opportunity to watch the sun rise and take over the surrounding hills and the plains beyond.

A Foodie’s Paradise

Kasauli is also a foodie’s paradise and when it comes to experimenting with food, the town has some serious food creators. Where else will you get a bun Samosa than in Kasuali?  There are no major restaurant chains in the town but you will get local version of eateries that can seriously offer you the best food of Himachal.

On the way back to Delhi, a visit to Giani da Dabha on the Dharampur highway is a pre requisite. The eatery is extremely popular an serves the best lemon chicken in the region.

places to visit in Kasuali

Shopper’s Den

Apart from places to visit in Kasuali, there is lot in terms of exploration as the town is indeed a shopper’s den. You can visit the Tibetan Market or explore the shops on Mall Road. Worth purchasing items in Kasauli include handicraft, jams, woolens and wine.  

Carrying back a traditional Himachali product from Kasuali will definitely remind you of this tourist town. If you are a good bargainer, chances are that you would be able to strike a good deal.

Kasauli is definitely a town that needs to be explored. With its vintage look still intact, this small town maintains its distinct charm and is one of the best places to explore, if you are a weekend traveller and want a small break to rejuvenate yourself and seek some solace from the hectic life of Delhi.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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