Can’t wait for a Trip to Manali

Living in the hill state of Himachal Pradesh has also not been able to take away the charm for mountains from within me. I have seen and experienced these mountains from my birth, yet the love for mountains does not seem to get any less.

 My professional and personal assignments over the years have taken me to different regions of the state. Be it Keylong, Nako or the unexplored valleys of Bhattiyat in Chamba, I have covered all.

I have trekked to many known and unknown Kandas (mountaintops as they are called in Kinnaur), yet the lure of a trip to Manali always remains on my priority list. The town has a magical essence that can only be experienced and not described in words.

The Magical Essence of trip to Manali

I have travelled multiple times on the highway from Shimla to Manali, yet there is something hidden about these mystique valleys of Manali that I explore every time, I visit this hill town. The calmness that you can experience on a morning trail to the Hadimba temple is simply awe inspiring.

The shrillness of Beas river and the effervesce of the floral diversity of this Himalayan region makes Manali a preferred destination for any traveller.

The most striking thing that comes to my mind on my trip to Manali is the difference in the altitude that one can experience in a span of few Kms. Just a few Km beyond Palchan, you will experience a new world.

A hidden waterfall or a hanging rock that seems to fall off any second but has been hanging for ages, the unexpected bend on the road or the deep ravines that can send a chill down your spine are some unique things that you will definitely experience during a trip to Manali.

The town is as alluring for me, a Himachali as it can be for someone sitting and reading this post in Mumbai. This is the beauty of hills, something that has attracted me and many others like me who are in love with nature.

trip to manali

The smell and taste of Sidhu, a traditional dish from Himachal Pradesh seems special in Manali. If you trek to Old manali and try these delicacies at some of the local eateries, the taste will even get better. Experiencing and exploring Manali from the eyes of a local can be an entirely different experience and can change your perspective completely, next time around when you plan your trip to Manali.

Exploring and experiencing Manali will require you to stay put at some place for few days. Homestays are the best option to try in such a case.  There are many of the lot which offers authentic homely experience as you not only get home cooked food but also live with the family and get to explore the culture of Manali from close quarters.

In these days of pandemic, the concept of Work from Mountains has been gaining popularity and perhaps this is the best time to explore and experience Manali. Plan your trip to manali and  experience this magical essence of Himalayas that only Himachal can  offer!

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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