How to choose Good Quality Trekking Tents?

I can say with confidence, quality trekking tents are the absolute best. With their burly aluminum frame, quick set up and efficient camping atmosphere, they are perfect for a trek in the mountains. Since they are quite large, if you plan on trekking along with other families or friends, they might not be the ideal tent for everyone.

If you are not a camp/hiker or you are still apprehensive about trekking alone or trekking with others, these good quality trekking tents can be a perfect fit for those who want a high quality tent for a more comfortable trek.

Comfortable and Best

Most of the quality trekking tents are big, yet extremely lightweight. It takes less than half hour to set up the tent and an hour to pack it up and haul it back up the hill to the truck.

The tents are packed with great features like a roomy sleeping loft and ample storage space. The tent provides decent insulation even in cold weather and is great in the rain and cold.

Trekking Poles

Another great feature in trekking tents is the presence of trekking poles. Without them, the tent would have been a pain to set up, and since the poles prevent you from worrying about setting up tent poles, they are essential in setting up the tent. They provide good balance, quick setup, and effective stability when trekking.

As for the interiors in quality trekking tents, they are very nicely decorated. A roomy sleeping loft with pillows makes it easier to sleep comfortably even in the winter, and the nice bathroom with shower allows you to freshen up and wash off the dirt after trekking.

These trekking tents also come with a ton of great details like a small roof rack on the top with enough room to put a backpack, a trekking pole bag and the tent poles for setting it up. As for the general weight, the tent is pretty heavy, but considering that it is such a sturdy tent, it is not too heavy.

trekking tents

How much do good quality trekking tents cost?

These ideally cost between $400 and $600 for the best quality tent and even less for the second best tent.

The cheapest tent which can be considered on good quality will costs around $300. It’s ideal for trekking with friends. It offers a good quality of tent, weather resistant tent walls and high quality waterproof and rainproof fabrics to make the trek a little easier.

How To Set Up The Tents

In the beginning, set up the tent using the one-step set up guide provided. From there, push the tent back into the rear corner with the trekking poles. It’s important to secure the tent well so that it doesn’t easily fall over when you take the tent down or if you start walking fast.

In the most ideal situation, set up the tent to have the highest loft. This will give you the best amount of comfort while trekking. The tent can get cold in the winter and a lower loft will help provide better insulation.

For the trekking poles, you can push them into the tent directly in front of the tent, which will make it easy to set up the tent. As you start setting up the tent and adding additional poles, it will become easier to put the tent up and get it to the required height, especially in the winter when you can place the tent higher up.

Don’t forget to place your tent poles correctly and add additional trekking poles if you are trekking in the wintertime.

How to Pack The Tents

Pack the tent and the trekking poles as tightly as possible into the outside pouch. Then you can put the tent up and pack the rest of your things inside your bags. As you can see from the photo above, this is not an easy feat, especially if you have a lot of stuff and the tent is not packed tightly enough.

The tent is a little flimsy so you will need to pack the tent really tightly, but you can also reduce some of the packing a little more to make it easier to carry and more comfortable to trek with.

trekking tents

The quality trekking tents are relatively lightweight and easy to set up with the one-step guide. The tent itself is fairly durable and weather resistant and even comes with trekking poles.

If you like trekking with friends, you definitely need to get one of these tents to trek with. Good quality trekking tents might be expensive to buy, but they are certainly a pre requisite for a great trek

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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