7 Illinois Tourist Attractions that should be in your Bucket list

Want to explore the Midwest region in United States? Illinois also popularly known as land of Lincoln is the place to be as it has a varied landscape. On the one hand you have farmlands that extend to miles and offer you an unseen and unexplored aspect of American life; on the other hand you have cities brimming with life. Let’s check out some of the Illinois tourist attractions so that next time you are around, planning the excursion and managing the time gets easier.


Undoubtedly, Chicago ranks on the top among Illinois tourist attractions. Infact, it is the most popular city in the Midwest region of United States. The city has endless attractions but the prime of these can be seen in the region known by name of Loop.

Millennium Park is one of these as is the reflective structure known by the name Bean, as it is Bean shaped. Art lovers should definitely head to Chicago Institute of Art which is considered to be the best art museums in whole of United States.

If you embark on a walking tour of Chicago you can explore unique places like Aon Centre, Federal Centre and the Chase Tower.

Spring Field

Another among the places to visit in Illinois is Springfield which also happens to be the capital of the state. Spring Field was also once home to Abraham Lincoln. National Historic Site, the place where Lincoln lived for 17 years is worth a visit.

Oak Ridge Cemetery, incidentally the most visited cemeteries in the world also happens to be in Spring Field. This is the place where most of Lincoln family was laid to rest.


Illinois tourist attractions also include the city of Galena. This city is a Mecca for history lovers and its location on the banks of Mississippi river also adds to its seamless beauty. It also used to be a major port during the 19th century.

As you stroll down the main street, you will come across countless structures and buildings that stand tall since the 19th century. Infact, you could end up in confusion if you have time travelled backwards. On a cold winter day, you would feel in a different world altogether if you head out on to the streets of Galena.

Illinois tourist attractions

Starved Rock State Park

If you travel 100 miles out of Chicago, you will come to Starved Rock State Park, another of the key Illinois tourist attractions. This park is located on banks of Illinois River which also adds to its beauty. If you wish to explore this park in its true essence, hiking is the best thing to do. On a lucky day, you could even come across some deer and migratory birds.

Chicago River walk

The mayor Rahm Emanuel came up with the idea of developing Chicago River Walk, a concept that has caught the fancy of the visitors. This river walk is all set to be one of the popular Illinois tourist attractions as it takes visitors through the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza which has been build to commemorate the memories of those who gave their lives for the country. To add to the beauty of this river walk, floating gardens, bridge and fishing piers are being made. Any time of the day or year would be best to take a walk along this river walk and the lights of Chicago definitely add to the beauty of the place as the sun sets over.

places to visit in Illinois

Leaning Tower of Niles

Among thebest places to visit in Illinois, leaning tower of Niles makes a special mention. This is a half sized replica of Leaning tower of Pisa. Though it does require some care and attention, yet its very presence makes the small village where it is located special in the true sense. During summer months, the leaning tower concert series is also held which adds to the essence of the place.


The city of Bloomington which also happens to be 12th largest city in the state is another of the key Illinois tourist attractions that you must include in your itinerary.The city has around 44 parks and 3 golf courses where you can try your sporting skills.

Lake Monroe, Wonder Lab Science Museum and Oliver Winery are some of the main attractions in the city that you must visit.

Illinois is a lovely and lively place to be. With so many Illinois tourist attractions to visit, the region definitely needs to be explored, if you live in US or happen to visit this exciting and lively country.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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