Things to carry while travelling to hill station- The complete guidebook

Planning a trip to hill station soon? Well, in these times of uncertainty when hill states are opening up for visitors as the pandemic continues, everything seems uncertain. However, one this is certain and the fact is that you have to be adequately prepared when you plan to travel to the hills.

We have come up with a list of things to carry while travelling to hill station. Adhere to this list and your trip to Shimla, Manali, Mussorie or Srinagar would end up being best in recent times.


A good quality jacket is one of the essential things to carry while travelling to hill station. Weather is most unpredictable in the hills and it might rain at the moment when you are least expecting it. A good quality jacket would not only be a style statement but will also protect you from rain and snow.


Among the things to pack when going to hill station is a pair of umbrella. As travelling in hills require a lot of walking on foot, an umbrella would take away all your fears of being caught up unaware. A full sized and strong umbrella will not only protect you from rain but you can also push away the monkeys that will come your way, especially if you are visiting Shimla or Mussorie.

things to carry while travelling to hill station

A pair of Thermals

The list of things to carry while travelling to hill stationshould definitely include thermals.On a cold day, even if you feel like wearing a sweater, these thermals will protect you from intense cold that can sometimes turn painful. You do not want the trip to give you problems and carrying some thermals, especially during the rainy season and definitely during winter months will makes things easy for you.

Ear Muffs

Ear muffs should be among the list of things to carry while travelling to hill station. The wind in hills can numb you to the core. More so as you will be experiencing a shift in altitude, ear muffs will definitely help you feel better.

If you are travelling to some high altitude location, ear muffs are a definite recommendation.

Walking shoes

Comfortable walking shoes are recommended among things to carry when travelling to hill station. As the terrain in hills is uneven, a comfortable pair of walking shoes will definitely help you. Moreover, what is the fun of coming to hills, if you forget to carry a pair of good walking shoes? Hills are all about solitude and long treks. Carry a sturdy pair of walking shoes and experience the fun for yourself.


A sunscreen with a good SPF range is a must among list of things to carry while travelling to hill station. Skin tanning is a common problem in the hills and if you apply a good sunscreen before heading out, the glow on you face will not only increase but the happy memories that you carry away while going back home will be a source of inspiration for others to plan such trips to hills.

Camera, first aid kit, a bagpack (if you are planning to trek), polarized sunglasses, pair of gloves and some warm socks are among other things to carry while travelling to hill station.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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