Tourist Attractions in Kalimpong- Why it should be in your bucket list

The mist of the mountains has its own magic. You will experience this essence of the hills when you come to Kalimpong, Initially associated with Sikkim and Bhutan; Kalimpong is now a part of Darjeeling district in West Bengal. 

At an altitude of 1250 meters above mean sea level, the tourist attractions in Kalimpong have kept all mesmerized, a reason which makes people from all over the world visit this hill town of West Bengal.

Take a round of the Catholic Church

Among the tourist attractions in Kalimpong, the Catholic Church holds a special significance. It was elegantly designed by a British Architect Hardy. The influence of local community and the British elegance can be seen in this church, a fact that makes it special and unique.

Visit the Relli River

Another of the key places to visit in Kalimpong is the Relli River, especially if you are a nature lover. This river merges with Teesta some 7 Km south of Kalimpong.  This is the place to be, if you intend to do fishing, swimming or sun bathing, when in Kalimpong.

Head to the Durpin Dara Hill

Durpin Dara Hills are among the tourist attractions in Kalimpong.  It is located in south of Kalimpong and is the second highest mountain range in this region. Kanchenjunga mountain range can be seen clearly from here on a bright day. The expanse of Western Sikkim and Nathula is also visible in case you are lazy enough to extend your trip till Sikkim.

places to visit in kalimpong

Head to Zong Dog Palri Fo Brand Gompa

This Buddhist monastery was built under the guidance of HH The Dalai Lama in the year 1975 and holds special significance for the Buddhist Community in the region.  The Gompa has over 110 published texts and ancient paintings dedicated to Buddhism.

A great place to be if you wish to relish the serene ambiance and silence of the hills and enrich your knowledge base on different facts related to Buddhism.

Haunted Morgan House

A colonial structure built during 1930s by Mr. and Mrs. Morgan. This is among places to visit in Kalimpong if you have interest in ghost stories and also if you wish to watch the Gothic architecture from close quarters. 

tourist attractions in kalimpong

Though you might not come across any ghosts here, but you can sit and relax in the beautiful garden of this property which has now been taken over by West Bengal Tourism Department.

Make a trip to the Deolo Hills

Another of the tourist attractions in Kalimpong are the Deolo hills. You can try your hand at para gliding, trekking and horse riding at Deolo hills which are located at an altitude of over 1700 meters. Early morning is the best time to head to Deolo Hills as the sunrise from here is worth watching.

When to come to Kalimpong

March to May is the best time to plan a visit to Kalimpong. The town is at 1250 mts which makes it pretty cold during winters and only if you love solitude, winters would be a perfect time to head here.

How to reach Kalimpong

By Air- Bagdogra airport in Siliguri, 43 Km from Kalimpong

By Road- Road trip from Darjeeling (53 Km) is highly recommended. It is connected to Gangtok, Siliguri and Darjeeling via road network.

Some commonly asked FAQs on Kalimpong

Is Kalimpong worth a visit?

For those who are planning a trip to Sikkim or Darjeeling, not visiting Kalimpong will definitely leave the trip incomplete. The small town has number of places which can be explored within a day only.

Is Darjeeling better than Kalimpong?

Darjeeling can be considered as a developed tourist town while Kalimpong has its solitude and serene charm. When you visit both of these, a perfect balance between a lively place and a serene but calm location will be established.

What should be on my shopping list in Kalimpong?

  • A chilly pepper by name of Dalle Khursani which is unique to this region.
  • Cheese from Kalimpong
  • Handmade paper products
  • Tibetan Art and Craft material

Can I see snow in Kalimpong?

It does not show occasionally in Kalimpong but sometimes during winter months of December and January, you might come across snow in Kalimpong.

Kalimpong is definitely a traveler’s delight. Do make it a point to include it in your bucket list when you are planning to visit the extremely beautiful but unexplored North Eastern region of India.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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