Is homestay a good idea for your prized vacation?

Looking forward to availing your annual holiday trip? Do something different this year, something which you had always desired but never done.

Lot of questions might be hovering in your mind and if you are thinking about is homestay a good idea to spend some quality time with your loved ones this year, perhaps you are checking the right piece of information.

Before you get more confused on the thought about is homestay a good idea this yearly vacation, let’s get rolling on the topic.

Is homestay a good idea?

Well, if you are confused on the thought of why to choose a homestay,the reasons are plenty.

Authentic Homely Experience

If you are travelling to Himachal in North India or any region for that matter and are weighing your options on Is homestay a good idea, let me tell you that you will get authentic homely experience in any of the good homestays. Leave behind the facility of a homely kitchen; you will not feel for a moment that you are out of home. There are numerous benefits of staying in a homestay and enjoying authentic homely experience is one of these.

Knowing the cultural richness of a place

Another point that testifies the advantage of establishing the fact that Is homestay a good idea is that you will experience the cultural richness of any location, if you decide to stay in a homestay. This is particularly true if you decide to venture into a rural ambiance.

As home owner would be serving you for all the needs, the local cultural influence would be evident in all aspects including food, location, their discussion with you and the culture of the place that you will experience for yourself.  You will realize the benefits of staying in a homestay from the moment you enter the premises.

is homestay a good idea

Easy on the Pocket

Is homestay a good idea? Still wondering! Well,the amount you save by staying in a homestay willdefinitely bring a big smile on your face and you will perhaps never again opt for a hotel. The amount that you would have ended up paying for staying in a average hotel would any day be much more than what you would pay for a luxury homestay.  Need any more reason on this aspect.

Home cooked food at your luxury

People who get confused on the thought of why to choose a homestay will definitely change their perception, the moment they taste food at any of the good homestays.While food at a hotel might be prepared by the best chef, it can never match the quality of home cooked food that is served at homestays.  The feeling of getting home cooked food miles away from your home is something that attracts visitors to homestays.

With the Government easing the norms for setting up of homestays, a large number of people are venturing into this segment. Almost all of them with a few exceptions offer quality service at a fraction of what you would have paid at any of the hotels.

So, the next time, either you or any of your friends is confused on the thoughtthat is homestay a good idea, just ask them to read this post and all their fears will be dispelled.

Happy travelling and happy exploration!

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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