Indian Female Travel Bloggers to Follow if you are a Travel Freak

Do you love travelling and dream of going to new destinations, every now and then?  Well, you qualify as a traveller then.  In your pursuit of travelling the world, you must be checking through different travel blogs.

Chances are bright; you must have come across through some bloggers who travel the world. Listed below, we bring you tales of some of the best Indian female travel bloggers whose stories you might have read. Let us get an insight into life of some of these female travel bloggers who inspire all of us to pursue our travel goals.

Shivya Nath

Creator of the travel blog “The Shooting Star”, Shiva Nath is among the leading Indian female travel bloggers. This bright and intelligent girl quit her corporate career at the age of 23, just to fulfill her travel aspirations.If you think full time travel blogging is just not done, Shivya Nath has featured in shows of BBC, TEDx and Nat Geo. Well, that’s some inspiration.

You can check her Instagram profile at @Shivya

indian female travel bloggers

Neelima Vallangi

The next among Indian female travel bloggers on our list is Neelima Vallangi. Apart from being a traveller, she is a photographer and a writer. After a trip to Ladakh, this software engineer quit her career to pursue her travelling goals. Her blog is titled ‘The Wandering Souls’ Wander Tale’. You can check some of her clicks on her Instagram @neelimav

indian female travel bloggers

Sanghita Banerjee

Living out of the box has been the moto for Sanghita Banerjee and she loves to capture the essence of India in her travels. She has been extremely good at photography and by looking at her Instagram posts, you could well be confused if you are checking out the profile of some leading photographer.

Check out some of her work at @sanghitabanerjee

indian female travel bloggers

Aakanksha Redhu

With 132 K followers in her fold, Akanksha Redhu is another of the leading Indian female travel bloggers. A core travel blogger, you will find her with her bagpack exploring the world around. Her travel tales inspires thousands who wish to travel but do not owing to some pressing issues.

You can check out her Instagram posts at @akanksharedhu

female travel bloggers


The Peppy travel girl as her blog is known as, Preethi is the last travel blogger on our list for today. She specializes in seeing a place not as a tourist but through the eyes of a local. You name the place and this young bubbly girl has been to all. From Indonesia to Australia, Preethi has explored every nook and corner and brings us with crispy and detailed accounts of her travels.

You can check her Instagram at @ peppytravelgirl

female travel bloggers

Before we wind up for the day, it would be apt to take up some common queries:

Can I be a travel blogger?

Yes, anyone with interest in travelling can be a travel blogger. If you have read this post so far, definitely you too can be a travel blogger!

Is travel blogging a costly affair?

Well, in the beginning you might have to invest but as you grow, things get easy. You will get a lot of sponsorships which will allow you to travel, write and explore for free. Anyone with passion for travel can be a blogger.

Should I do any course to be a travel blogger?

 Absolutely not, if you are a die heart traveller, the instinct will come from within. Obviously, you can take some photography lessons if you wish to horn your skills on this front.

Happy travelling and happy exploration! The world is waiting for you.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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