Top Tips on How to Travel Low Budget

Planning a trip in coming days? Well, if you are among those who are looking on how to travel low budget, you have perhaps come to the right place. I have come up with a list of tips on how to travel on low budget. Let us check these tips so that your next trip is not only easy on the pocket but turns out to be your memorable one too.

Pick up the destination with care

While some destinations are expensive the year around, many places offer you ample discounts and if you are planning on how to travel low budget, you have to keep your eyes and ears open all the while. At times, some locations also offer good currency exchange rates if you are travelling internationally. Keep upbeat with any such information and you will definitely benefit.

how to travel low budget

Go to less explored locations

Never fall in any tourist trap which offer fixed day trips for a price. You should always choose less explored places as you will find nature in abundance and will also get a good bargain when it comes to boarding and lodging options.

Travel during off season

Another valuable tip on how to travel low budget is to plan a vacation during off season. Be in popular tourist locations like Manali and Shimla in India or cities like Melbourne in Australia, each place offers discount at any given season. Pick up the appropriate time for travel and you will definitely end up saving a fortune of the cost involved.

how to travel low budget

Book in advance

If you do all the bookings in advance, be it the travel tickets or the hotel reservations, you will definitely save a lot of money. Airlines always offer big discounts if the bookings are done 2-3 months in advance from the day, you intend to travel. If you plan all the bookings intelligently, you will definitely get some of the answers on how to travel low budget.

Plan your flights during middle of the week

When you are travelling and that too internationally, always prefer to book the flight during middle of the week. The prices are generally on the higher side during the weekend and you will end up paying a substantial amount that otherwise could have been saved.

tip to travel on low budget

Undertake Couchsurfing

How to travel low budget tips includes trying Couchsurfing.This is a great way to save money and know different cultures as you can stay at people’s homes for free. There are numerous platforms which offer Couchsurfing and if you are travelling internationally and exploring new locations, Couchsurfing should definitely be on your platter.

Try Hitchhiking

Travellers who are exploring the world on a budget and that too alone should definitely try hitchhiking or taking lift on the way to a new destination as this is a great way of travelling. Many people will lovingly offer you a lift and this way, you will not only meet new people, explore new cultures but will also see the world from a different perspective.

All you need is to open up with people and have the vision of travelling to new places. The world is not that expensive, as it seems from far away. Just pack your bags and head out. The world is waiting for you!

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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