Top 5 Famous food of Haridwar that you must definitely try

The religious capital of India is also a foodie’s den. If you are a food lover, Haridwar has some amazing places to be explored. The list of famous food of Haridwar is long but we have picked the best of the lot for you so that you go back aspiring for more, when you return back to this holy city.

Mathura walon ki prachin dukan

Location: Thanda Kuan. Moti Bazar, Haridwar

An age old shop, the Mathura walon ki prachin dukan is the place to be, if you are looking for famous food of Haridwar. The shop is around 90 years old and is one of the places in the town that sells sweet Samosa. You will also get some freshly prepared pedas, barfi and gulab jamuns here.  You will have to be a detective of sort to find the correct shop as many with similar names have come up. Be here by 6 PM or you will miss, some of the famous delicacies that this shop is known for.

famous food of haridwar

Bhagwati Cholae Bhandar

Located at Upper Road in Haridwar, the Bhagwati Cholae Bhandar is popular for another famous food of Haridwar.  Cholae Bhaturae, a popular delicacy in Haridwar tastes best at Bhagwati Cholae Bhandar.It is a popular takeaway joint as the seating capacity is limited and you can carry the preparation and relish the same after you attend the Ganga Aarti during the evening hours. The bhaturas are best served here with cholae, chutney and salad.

famous food at Haridwar

Kahsyap Kachori Bhandar

Kahsyap Kachori Bhandar is another place to relish famous food at Haridwar. This is a small stall that is popular for its crisp Kachoris. These Kachoris are filled with lentils and potatoes.  These are served with tamarind sauce in thick potato gravy which adds the magic to this preparation and attracts people from all over.

Early morning is the best time to try these Kachoris as the stock runs out soon.

famous food at haridwar

Mohan Ji Puri Wale

If there is any place to try Puri in Haridwar, it definitely should be Mohan Ji Puri Wale. The location near police Chowki in Har ki Pauri makes it easy to find this famous eatery.  Puri is another famous food of Haridwar and Mohan Ji Puri Wale is the place to try the same. It is popular for its aaloo- puri platter with the fresh aroma of puri attracting the visitors by itself. This is a decades old shop and is extremely popular in the town.

The glass full of lassi is equally popular and you should definitely complement your aaloo puri plate with a lassi glass.

Pandit Sevaram Sharma Doodh Wale

This is a 100 year old shop in the city which is popular with milk lovers. The aroma of hot frothy milk served in mud khulars is simply out of this world. This eatery also serves malai ladus and sweets made of milk. It is common to witness large crowds here early in the morning as what could be better than to begin the day with a glass full of pure hot milk served in Moti Bazar in Haridwar.

So, the next time around, you are in Haridwar, do make it a point to relish some of these famous food of Haridwar. The experience would simply be unforgettable for a long time to come.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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