What to eat in Shimla- A foodies Paradise

Shimla is not only the place for exploration and sightseeing. It is also a foodie’s paradise. If you are confused about what to eat in Shimla, the options listed below will definitely offer you a solution.

Let’s check out few of the delicacies and incite our taste buds in the process.

Madra- the popular dish

This is a delicacy that finds its origin in Chamba. However, when you are thinking about what to eat in Shimla, Madra can be a consideration as it is offered in many restaurants of the city.This delicacy is made from soaked chickpeas with some veggies chipped in. It is also seasoned with cloves, cumin and turmeric powder.


Himachali Dham

Every district in the state has its unique Dham. On your what to eat in Shimla list, Dham is also a worthy recommendation.  Kangri and Chambayali Dham can be tried at some of the popular eateries in the city. Ideally, the dish consists of dal, rajmah, boor ki Kari and some jaggery. Dham is usually served during religious ceremonies and marriages too.


Sidu is a popular Himachali delicacy that can be tried at any small eatery or a big restaurant in Shimla. This is bread that is made from wheat that has been kneaded with yeast around two hours before it is prepared.

Sidu also contains mashed boiled green peas, roasted peanuts, walnuts, paneer. It is best served with lentils, green chutney and ghee.


Thukpa is another popular dish that should be on your wish list. On the what to eat in Shimla list, Thupka should be a consideration as the city has numerous eateries that serve Tibetan preparations. Thupka is one such delicacy that is available both in vegetarian and non vegetarian variations. Thupka ideally contains tomatoes, onions, carrot, and chopped cabbage. The non vegetarian variant can contain some pieces of meat. Thupka is best served with chilli and sauce.

eat in shimla
Image: Wikipedia


Babru is another local delicacy that can be tried at some of the popular restaurants in the city. This can also be considered as a type of Kachori, in case you are confused on what Babru is. Soaked and stuffed black gram daal (lentil) is used for Babru preparation. What better, Babru are available both in sweet and salty variations.

eat in shimla
Image: Pinterest

Mash Daal

Split black lentil is used to prepare this Himachali delicacy which you can try at any of the popular restaurant in Shimla. The specialty of this preparation is that it is soaked overnight and is pressure cooked. It is simmered in a heavy pan and some delicately chopped onions ginger; garlic is also added for taste. The frying in warm mustard oil also adds to the taste of Mash daal.

Shimla can be a worthy exploration for any foodie. You will get a taste of Himachal Pradesh in the food that you get in Shimla.

We hope that this write up will ease you confusion on what to eat in Shimla. Happy food hunting!

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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