What to buy from Shimla

Shimla is a traveller’s paradise. The capital state of Himachal Pradesh is unique for the fact that you will get a range of options here to shop. If you are confused on what to buy from Shimla, this post will definitely ease all your confusions.

Shimla Apples

Shimla is also known as apple capital of Himachal Pradesh. The first thing on what to buy from Shimla list should definitely be a box of apples. There are utmost chances on the apples being garden fresh as supplies arrive in the town on daily basis if you happen to visit Shimla during the apple season (June- September). A box full of fresh apples could be the best gift ever for family and friends.

what to buy from shimla

Singh Apple Orchard is the place to be if you wish to buy some farm fresh apples and get an insight into apple cultivation.

Wood Products

Another product on what to buy from Shimla list can be the wooden products. Shimla has a dedicated bazar by name of Lakkar Bazar where products made from wood can be purchased. The options are multifold and you can pick from a range of wood products ranging from children toys, souvenirs to wood furniture items like chair, tables and walking sticks.

There are numerous shops selling these products in Lakkar Bazar and you can pick and choose as per your requirement. If you are a good bargainer, a good deal can be stuck.

Himachali Caps

If you are still confused on what to buy in Shimla, the confusion can end with a simple cap. Himachali caps are known for their unique colour, design and texture. A range of options exist and Shimla is indeed a great place to pick one.  There are many shops on Mall Road which sell these unique caps.

what to buy from shimla

Alternatively, if you forget to buy one due to some reason, the same can also be purchased online from Himalayankraft.

Wool Products

Himachal Pradesh is a hill state. It is but natural that people here use woolen products like shawls, sweaters, mufflers on a regular basis. Thus, woolen products should be another item that you need to buy from Shimla. If you have an idea on authentic wool product purchase, you should pick these items from any local store on the Mall Road or Lower Bazar.

what to buy in shimla

Alternatively, the Bhuttico showroom in Shimla can be another place to get authentic woolen products in case you are looking for a smart option.

A foodies hub too

Shimla is a foodie’s hub too. The town has a range of eateries that sell authentic Himachali cuisine. You can try the same at popular restaurants that line the Mall Road. If you are looking for some authentic Himachali cuisine, Himachali Rasoi in the Middle bazar is the best option. Here you can try some local Himachali food as Siddu& Babru. You can also try Dham (food served during ceremonies in different regions of the state) at this popular eatery.

Visit this special town in Himachal Pradesh and you will definitely carry a bagful of goodies and a lot of happy memories too!

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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