What to buy in Manali- A Tourist Town in North India

Manali is a shopper’s paradise. With the town depicting prominently on the tourist circuit of India, it is apt to share some information on what to buy in Manali?

If you are in this tourist town in North India, this post will help you shortlisting the options on what to buy in Manali?

Himalayan Handicraft Items

On the what to buy in Manali list, the item that emerges with prominence is the Himalayan Handicraft. A range of art collectible pieces can be collected from numerous shops selling the Himalayan Handicraft items.

You can even head to Tibet Art Collections for purchasing some authentic Tibetan artefacts. Alternatively, on the way back you can also get in touch with Himalayan Kraft at Kullu to buy some authentic Himachali Stuff.

Winter Clothing

Another item that can be bought from Manali is the winter clothing. You will get a range of designs and colours as the local market is full of numerous options. Manu Market in Manali is the place to be for the same and if you are a good bargainer, chances are bright that you can even strike a good deal.

Kullu Shawls

Another of the items that should figure prominently on your what to buy in Manali list are the Kullu shawls. The shawls are popular for their intricate designs and lively colours. The soft texture of the same will definitely allure the person for whom you intend to carry these shawls. Bhuttico Showroom in Manali is the best place to buy these hand woven shawls.

what to buy in manali

Kullu Caps

Another item for which the region is famous is the famed Kullu Caps. These caps should also be a part of your wish list on what to buy from Manali. These caps are usually made from pure wool and the blend of different colours and designs in the same make these amply attractive and alluring.

what to buy from manali
A typical Kullu Cap


You can also think about purchasing some Thangkas from Manali. As the region is frequented by people of Buddhist origin, numerous shops selling Tibetan artefacts have also cropped up. You will easily get Thangkas in any of these shops. Made out of silk, if delicately kept, a Thangka can last you a lifetime and will definitely remind you of the times when you decided to visit Manali.

Manali is among the only few places which have a great touristic significance and is approachable the year around. Time to pack your bags and head to this tourist town in Manali! You will definitely cherish the trip and return with bagful of goodies.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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