5 Top Reasons to Visit Manali this Year

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Manali is one town in Himachal Pradesh that has been on everyone’s travel itinerary. The reasons could be vivid, some love Manali for its crowd, others like it for the divinity and another category of visitors admire this hill town in North India for its serene calmness and wilderness. Whatever, category you might fall into there are definitely some reasons to visit Manali.

Below we list the top reasons to visit Manali. Come to this unique land and experience this magical essence of nature for yourself.

Serene Climate

Among the listed reasons to visit Manali is its serenity. The calmly flowing Beas or the sky high foliage of Deodar all make this small town look as serene and calm as a cozy small county in European countries. No doubt, Manali is frequented by large number of people from all over the world who come here allured by its calmness, peaceful ambiance and some cool climate.

reasons to visit Manali
Mall Road of Manali

Range of Attractions

Another of the reasons to visit Manali is its diverse range of attractions. Not only will you get to see Himachali culture close and upfront but with a range of adventure activities in pipeline, Manali seems to be the adventure capital of Himachal Pradesh. Rock climbing, rappling, river crossing and rafting are some of the adventure activities that are conducted here during summer months.

Glimpses of Himalayas close and upfront

For someone coming from the warm plains of India, one of the top reasons to visit manali could be an opportunity to come face to face with the divinity of the Himalayas. A trip to Rohtang Pass some 45 Km from Manali could be your first encounter with the Indian Himalayas. The vastness of the range is so enchanting that you would not want to get back soon enough.

reasons to visit Manali
Manali in Winters

Religious place in its essence

Manali the town of sage Manu also holds immense religious significance. While on arriving at Manali, you can go to the famed Hadimba Temple which is a 2 Km walk from the Mall Road. The temple dedicated to Goddess Hadimba has been built in unique Pagoda style which will give you a unique perspective of art and architecture of this region.

The Vashisth temple some 7 Km from Manali is also another unique place to the explored. A dip in the hot water springs at Vashisth can be relaxing and soothing to the core.

The winter essence of Himachal

Manali is certainly very different during the winter months. A thick sheet of snow engulfs the town turning it into a white fortress. Playing in the snow close and upfront could be another of the reasons to visit Manali.

On the way to Manali via Parashar Lake

Solang and Gulaba are some of the places in Manali that you should definitely visit if you happen to come here during winters. A range of adventure activities can be tried and you will definitely return feeling hale, hearty and happy when you end the trip to Manali.

Do plan a visit this year to this tourist town in Himachal Pradesh and carry back a bagful of memories.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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