Binsar- The raw experience from Uttarakhand

The memories of Uttarakhand are far and vivid. I made it to this hill state for the first time in 2011 for a professional assignment. This time around, the idea was different, to explore Binsar and find out more on things to do in Binsar valley.

The bus to Almora

The journey was as unique as the destination. The bus passed through twists and turns and every other moment, the raw glimpse of the mighty Himalayas came up. If there were any doubts on what to do in Binsar Uttarakhand, the same melted away like that fluffy ice cream goes up in sun, when I saw the Nanda Devi range for the first time.

things to do at binsar
The sunset of Himalayas

The bus halted on the way and while I was sipping in the tea, the shopkeeper offered me a bite of the famous baal Mithai. Wow, was the first word that came into my mind as the super soft sweet melted into my mouth. The taste remains as fresh now as it was at that moment.

I decided to call it a day at the Deodar Homestay at Almora. True to its name, the place offered awe inspiring and splendid views of Himalayas as it did of the raw nature. The sunset in the hills is always amazing and I found this in Almora that windy evening.

The next Stop

Quite obviously, Binsar was to be my next stop on the way. I hired a motorbike and rode off negotiating the bends and cuts of the precarious mountain road. There are not many things to do in Binsar apart from visiting the Binsar Wildlife sanctuary but any nature lover would definitely like to make a stopover here if the solitude of the mountains attracts them.

The KMVN Tourist Centre can be an obvious choice if you intend to make a stopover at Binsar. The place is so scenic and laden with thick foliage of oak and rhododendrons that you will like to mingle and become one with nature as I did that windy afternoon.

things to do at binsar

A scenic point known as zero point offers you amazing views of Chaukhamba, panchachuli, Nanda devi and Mt. Trishul peaks.  Amazing and bewildering could be some of the words that will come naturally to your mind when you are at the place.

The experience of being amidst raw nature is so enchanting that it attracts me to Binsar, years after I made the trip. If there were any doubts in my mind on things to do in Binsar valley, the same vanished away the moment, I lay on the green meadows watching the sun go past the mountain.  The windy and sunny day was slowly turning into slight shade and it was time to head back to Almora and catch up with some other buddies who had come over by then.

Exploration of the Binsar valley in detail was to be left for some other day, a day which never came but alas, I would be back in Binsar soon to reflect back on the life that has changed for me over the years and you too! Go and find your Binsar somewhere, you will definitely feel the happiness, as I felt on that windy and sunny day in that remote valley of Uttarakhand.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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