A Few Quick Tips about Places to Eat In Dharamshala

Based on my personal experience, I would advocate you to try local cuisine at some of the best places to eat in Dharamshala. Over, the years, I have visited this town located in the base of Dhauladhar and found something exclusive to relish every time.

The tinge of taste that a bite from these eateries will leave in your memories is something that will definitely attract you, as it does to me. So, let’s begin on our food trail of Dharamshala.

 Tibetan food at Tibet Kitchen

Among the places to eat in Dharamshala, the name of Tibet Kitchen can be taken with prominence.Infact, the place is so popular that your trip to the region would not be complete until you make a round of Tibet Kitchen.  Their appetizers are equally popular as are the main course dishes which are a combination of Tibetan and Chinese cuisines.

Some of the recommended Tibetan dishes to relish here are shapta, tingmo and Alu Phingsha. You can find their branch in Dharamshala at the Maximus Mall.

Moonlight Café- for a cup of Chai

Undoubtedly, this could qualify for best cafes in Dharamshala, if you are in Dharamkot, a few Km from main town. Get a taste of the Bistro coffee or sip in the famous ginger and masala tea, either way you will love the visit to Moonlight Café.

You should also try the Bhagsu cake and shakshuka which is a Tunisian delicacy here. Evening hours are the best time to visit this café in Dharamkot, a small but extremely popular village in the region.

places to eat in Dharamshala

Woeser Bakery- One stop shop for best cakes

Coffee, cakes, tarts and chocolate lollipops are some of the delicacies to try at Woeser Bakery which is another of famous places to eat in Dharamshala. You canalso read some good booksfrom among the collection that the bakery maintains. Head to Jogiwara Road and you can munch on some of the best cakes in Dharamshala. Carrot cake is another speciality of Woeser Bakery that you should definitely try.

places to eat in Dharamshala

Shiva Café- The taste of Bhagsu

The tranquility of Shiva Café is something that attracts visitors to this place in Bhagsunag, Dharamshala. You will get some lip smacking pizzas here. The ambiance of the place is such that you will be tempted to make a stopover here on way to Bhagsu falls.

Illiterati Café- for foodies and nature lovers

If you are a bookworm, Illiterati Café can be a worthy place to be. Among its range of delicacies Mediterranean and French cuisine can be definitely tried. You should much on some lasagnas, hummus and Bruschetta when in Illiterati. Kahwa, soup and salad are also available at this café. Sip your favorite coffee and enjoy snipping through pages of your favorite book, either way, you would end up feeling refreshed.

famous places to eat in Dharamshala

Some FAQs on Dharamshala

Is one day enough for Dharamshala?

Yes, in case you are not in the mood of trekking much, a day would be ample to explore the surroundings of Dharamshala. You can visit the Tibetan market, Dalai Lama temple, Bhagsunag, and Dharamkot.  

What is special in Dharamshala?

Some of the population places to explore in Dharamshala include Norbulingka Institute, Triund, HPCA stadium, Gyuto monastery, Aghanjar Mahadev temple and the Dalai Lama temple complex.

What is the best time to go to Dharamsala?

March to June with the weather being pleasant is the best time to visit Dharamshala. If you wish to see some snowfall around December and January could be the months to visit as the adjoining Dhauladhar ranges are full of snow making the region look awesome and picture-perfect location.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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