Places to visit in Kasauli

The refreshing puff of air will leave you rejuvenated. Indeed, you will feel alive in this hill town, we all know by name of Kasauli. Located in close vicinity of Chandigarh, Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh is an ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

There are many places to visit in Kasauli and you can indulge in exploring the place and yourself too in this small hill town. Let us explore some of these places so that next time, you are in Kasauli; you have a fair idea of how to spend the day.

Sunset Point

The sight of sun setting down in the hills is always mesmerizing and this holds true in Kasauli too. Of the recommended Kasauli places to visit is the sunset point. The serene calmness of the place will definitely attract you and as the sun goes down, you will be tempted to have a reflection of the days of bygone era of your life too. Such is the beauty of sunset point which is located near Upper Mall in Kasauli.

Monkey Point, Kasauli

Monkey Point happens to be the highest point in Kasauli. True to its name, the place has a lot of monkeys and a Hanuman temple too. It is said that Lord Hanuman took a break at this place while carrying the Sanjivini Booti to Lanka.  Indian Airforce also has a station here but that is out of bounds for visitors due to security concerns.

You will also get breathtaking views of Chandigarh and other surrounding areas from these Kasauli tourist places.

Baptist Church, Kasauli

Like any other hill town, Kasauli too has a Christ church which completes the look of the town. Situated close to Mall Road in Kasauli, this is considered to be the oldest church in North India. Designed in unique Gothic architecture, the Baptist Church in Kasauli will definitely attract you for its serenity and calmness.

places to visit in Kasauli

Mall Road, Kasauli

When you are looking at places to visit in Kasauli, your feet will naturally drag you to Mall Road, Kasauli where you will not only get to taste local delicacies but can alsobuy Himachali Handicraft and other products too. The place is crowded on weekends and it is but natural that you could bump into some of your age old friend who has come over to spend weekend in Kasauli.

Brewery in Kasauli

The famous rum Old Monk is a product made in hills of Kasauli. If you wish to understand the process of beer making and have interest in visiting a Brewery, a visit to Mohan Mekins Brewery established in 1820 by Edward Dyer is highly recommended.  Seek permission at the gate and for a fee, you can visit the Brewery.

Gilbert trail

If you are a solitude lover, Gilbert trail is recommended among places to visit in Kasauli. This 1.5 Km trail is full of exotic beauty and you will come across rare faunal and floral species on this trail.A walk early in the morning will rejuvenate you for the day ahead.

Kasauli places to visit

Places to stay in Kasauli

Kasauli offers a range of options for a comfortable stay. If you are looking at some luxury options, Seclude Kasauli and Baikunth Resorts Kasauli can fit the bill. Those on a budget can opt for Birds View Kasauli and Treebo Trip Royal Suits.

When to visit Kasauli

Kasauli is accessible the year around. However, it is not recommended to plan a visit during monsoons as landslides can cause some hindrance in your plans. March to June and September to December can be the best time to plan a visit depending upon the mountain seasons you wish to explore.

How to reach Kasauli

Kasauli is at a distance of 280 Km from Delhi and 65 Km from Chandigarh. The town is approachable by road only and you can hire a taxi or travel by public transport mode too.

Travel to Kasauli and experience myriad colours of nature firsthand. You will definitely love the journey.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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