Festivals of Kinnaur- Unfolding the Magical Saga

The view of imposing Himalayas mesmerize one , as a person reaches Cahura, the entry point of Kinnaur, one of the remote districts of Himachal Pradesh

The unique land is known for its people and unique culture. The festivals of Kinnaur are equally unique and the experience will keep you spellbound, in case you experience it. 

Let’s check out some of the major festivals of Kinnaur which lend this land its magical touch!


Among the festivals of Kinnaur, Sazo occupies a special place. The festivities are conducted in the month of January. It is considered auspicious to take a dip in the Sutlej River before paying obedience to the Gods.

Traditional delicacies including poltus, chiltas and pug are prepared on this day. The families later worship the local deity. Wine and freshly prepared halwa is also offered to the deity as a mark of respect on this festive occasion.


Kinnaur is rightly described as land of deities and months of February and March are reserved for the festival of Suskar. The festivities continue throughout the months and distinct functions are held on each day. Goddess Kali is worshipped on rooftops on last day of this function and people seek blessings of the goddess which they believe keeps them safe.

festivals of kinnaur


Beesh or Baishaki is also celebrated in Kinnaur.  Local delicacies like Poltus, halwa and keyshid are prepared on this occasion and people take pride in displaying their traditional outfits on this occasion. You can see all, old and young donned in their traditional best on this occasion.


Zongor and loskar flowers are offered to the deities on occasion of Dakhraini. Villages trek to high mountains to get these flowers, often staying put on hill tops during night hours.

The festival is celebrated during the month of July and villagers offer garlands made from these flowers to the local deity.

festivals of kinnaur

Flaich or Fulaich

 Flaich or Fulaich is one of the most important festivals that are celebrated throughout Kinnaur district in the month of September. The highest peak of the village is chosen for the celebrations and shuloo flowers brought from high hills or kanda are offered to the deity on this day.


Losar festival is considered to be one of the most important festivals in the region. It is held to mark the beginning of New Year. Fresh butter milk preparation mixed with parched barley, is offered to everyone who happens to be a part of the festivities on this special occasion.

Kinnaur is divided into lower and upper Kinnaur with high altitude areas like Nako, Morang and Leo being a part of Upper Kinnaur. The lower Kinnaur consists of Bhabha valley, Nichar valley and other such areas.


These festivals of Kinnaur are celebrated throughout the district, However there is some distinct variation these are celebrated in lower and upper belt. However, the intent is to please the divine Gods which remain same though!

Plan a visit to this divine land and experience this magic for yourself. Numerous agencies like Mountainbytes are out there in the field which will help you accomplish this dream.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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