Kargil Sightseeing- A town worth exploration

Kargil is much beyond the famed Kargil War. A sleepy town on way to Leh, Kargil also happens to be the headquarter of Kargil District which is now part of Union Territory of Ladakh. If you are planning a Kargil Sightseeing trip, the best thing isto check the places to visit in Kargil which we have mentioned below.

Rangdum Monastery

During your Kargil sightseeing plan, a visit to Rangdum Monasteryis highly desirable.This monastery resembles more of a fort. This is due to the fact that it is located on top of a mountain. Its aesthetic location is more of a reason that it makes this monastery key location among key Kargil tourist places. However, when you intend to visit Rangdum Monastery, you will need to head 160 Km from Kargil to Suru Valley, which in itself is a key location.

The snow capped mountains in the vicinity too add to the aesthetic sense of the place. The central prayer hall in this monastery is the key location inside the monastery as you can see numerous Tibetan artefacts here. Over 40 monks reside in this monastery and the ambiance inside the monastery is serene and calming which will definitely keep you attuned.

Kargil sightseeing

Kargil War Memorial

Kargil sightseeing should definitely includea visit to Kargil War memorial which has been built as a mark of respect to brave soldiers of India who laid there life during the infamous Kargil War. The memorial has a pink sandstone wall with a brass plate that features name of soldiers who laid life during Operation Vijay.

A documentary on the bravery shown by Indian Army can also be seen during visit to this memorial. You can also visit the momento shop where you will find different souvenirs. The memorial also offers glimpse of Tololing and Tiger Hill which are important peaks of the region.

places to visit in Kargil

Suru Valley

 Among places to visit in Kargil is the Suru valleywhich is considered to be the most picturesque valley in the region. There are many scenic villages in the valley and you will get multiple opportunities to click photos and capture emotions of locals, if you have interest in photography.

Among locations to visit in Suru Valley are Damsna, Parkachik and Stakpa. You should also visit Kartse Khar which is a old Buddhist village where you can witness statue of Gautam Buddha which is 7 feet in height.


On the way to Leh, 35 Km from Kargil is Shargole. This village lists among Kargil sightseeing locations and you can visit the Shargole monastery here.  The monastery features some aesthetic Tibetan artefacts and its location atop a hill too adds to the beauty of the place.

kargil tourist places

Kargil Town

If you have interest in exploring local community and are short of time, a visit to Kargil Town should form a part of the itinerary of Kargil tourist places. There are many ethnic groups in including Purigi, Dard and Balti. For exploring historic perspective of the town, you should definitely make a round of Munshi Aziz Bhat Museum. You will find different artefacts from the region here.

Best time to visit Kargil

The best time to visit Kargil is during the months of March to June. During other months, evenings are too cold and a person not used to the adversities of mountains would feel uncomfortable.

Where to Stay in Kargil

Kargil offers numerous options for boarding and lodging to travellers. You can try local cuisine in these hotels as this will give you an opportunity to get a taste of local life. Moreover, these hotels can help you plan a trip of the region and can arrange for a local guide too.

A stopover at Kargil during your visit to Leh could be one of the best experiences of your life. Kargil is definitely a traveller’s delight and has become popular over past few years too. Plan a visit to this remote town in North India and do share your experience with us too.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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