What to buy in Kashmir- A shopper’s Paradise too

Kashmir is more than spellbound views and mouthwatering delicacies. Kashmiri gifts are known the world over and you can take a lot of these home. Shopping should be on your wish list when in Kashmir and if you are thinking about what to buy in Kashmir, this post will definitely offer you a solution.

Let’s check out more on what to buy in Kashmir?

Kashmiri Dress

One of the best things to buy in Kashmir is the Kashmiri Dress itself.This dress is a representation of the rich Kashmiri culture. The embroidery work has been elegantly done and you will be amazed with the precision with which these dresses have been crafted.

A long coat or pheran is also part of traditional Kashmiri dress which you can buy as part of Kashmiri gifts that you would eventually like to gift to someone in the family.A traditional Kashmiri suit could also be part of your selection.

what to buy in Kashmir

Wooden Furniture

Another item in your what to buy in Kashmir list should be the wooden furniture of Kashmir.The delicacy with which the wooden furniture has been crafted impresses one and all who see it. The carving is done with help of locally developed tools which are being used since long. There are many items in the wish list and you can pick from among photo frames and key chains to chairs and tables.

what to buy in Kashmir

The Silverware of Kashmir

Another of the things to buy from Kashmir is the silverware.The use of silverware has persisted in Kashmir since time of Mughal rulers and you will get a wide diversity among these products. The product range is extensive and consists of tea sets, bowls and flower vases to name a few.

Gift these to someone in the family and they will admire and adore you forever.

Things to buy from Kashmir

Kashmiri Fruits

Another among what to buy in Kashmir list would obviously be fruits.If you drive from Jammu to Srinagar, you will come across a number of orchards and on a good day, you might find some smiling Kashmiri selling local produce on the roadside. There are range of fruit products in Kashmir and you can pick from among apples, pear, peach, kiwi, cherry and plum to name a few.

Kashmiri gifts

Bats made of Willow

Kashmir is also popular for its cricket bats. Infact, most of the bats that popular cricket players use have been made out of Kashmiri willow only. These come in all price and size range and gifting someone Kashmiri willow bats could be the best gift, if they are cricket lovers.

Best things to buy in Kashmir

Paper Mache Items

Among what to buy in Kashmir list, paper mache products should figure prominently. Conversion of waste items into paper is known as paper mache and in this paper pulp is mixed with adhesive solution and crafted into desired products.

Some of the popular paper mache products from Kashmir include flower vases, coaster set and boxes.

what to buy in kashmir

Kashmiri Jewellery

Among things to buy from Kashmir, the talk would be incomplete if a reference of Kashmiri jewellery is not made. These semi precious gemstone items have been aesthetically designed and will give you a feel of the traditional Kashmiri culture, if you wear these off.

The list is pretty long and you can choose from among Tika, Balu and Kara to Napura, Chaunk Phool and Kundals among others.

best things to buy in Kashmir

Kashmiri Carpets

Kashmiri Carpets are quite popular and you should carry some of these along. These rich texture carpets are famous the world over and the most elegant of these are hand kit and made out of pure silk. These are obviously quite costly and if you are looking for some cheap options, you can go for a mix of wool, silk and rayon.

kashmiri gifts

Pashmina Shawls

Every visitor to Kashmir comes back with Pashmina Shawls and Kashmiri blankets, even if they do not buy anything else. Made out of pure sheep wool, Pashmina shawls have made a name for itself worldwide and should be on your priority list while you are looking for best things to buy in Kashmir.

The texture and feel of these shawls and blankets is so smooth and soothing that you will be tempted to buy them.

best things to buy in kashmir

Kashmiri Dry Fruits

If you are planning on what to buy from Kashmir, the Dry fruits can be on your priority list.A key advantage of these dry fruits is that they last long and smell and taste awesome. Among the range of products, you can pick from among walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts, figs to almonds.

what to buy in kashmir

You can get the above listed items from markets like Kokar Bazar and Maharaja Bazar in Srinagar. Pick some of these during your next visit to Kashmir and do share your feedback with us!

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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