Best Places to Eat in Shimla

Mouthwatering cuisine along with enchanting views of the Himalayas is something Shimla has in store for you. With the city opening up to visitors, post COVID, it is the best time to plan an outing to this hill capital of Himachal Pradesh in North India and relish delicious Himachali cuisine.

Spars Lodge

Extraordinary and yet not too heavy on the pocket is Spars Lodge, an exclusive eatery on the Museum Road in Shimla. The chefs are extremely creative and best in their business which you will get to know when you taste the delicacies here.

best places to eat in Shimla

Trout tastes the best here and with freshness and crispiness clearly evident, it would be hard for you to ignore Spars Lodge, once you have been here. It can definitely be considered among best places to eat in Shimla.

Location: on the way to the Museum, Chaura Maidan, Shimla

Phone: +911772657908

Honey Hut

Another among best places to eat in Shimla is the Honey Hut. As the name indicates, this is the place to try different delicacies made from honey. Every item is made from pure honey which the owner who happens to be a beekeeper, procures locally. Honey tea is a recommended preparation here. However, Honey Hut is best known for its milk coffee which has gracious addition of honey. Do not forget to buy some honey chocolate for those whom you have left back at home.

best places to eat in Shimla

Location: Mall Road, Shimla

Phone: +911772650347

Wake and Bake Café

Wake and Bake Café is another of the places to eat in Shimla. The laidback ambiance of the place will definitely attract you. While you will get a range of shimla famous food, mine personal favourite is the South Indian Pancakes.  Big oak tables with some creatively done natural lighting definitely add a lot to the ambiance of the place.  You will find people from all age group here which definitely adds to the uniqueness of the place. For those who wish to get a dose of healthy breakfast, Wake and Bake Café is highly recommended.

famous food of Shimla

Location: Mall Road, Shimla

Phone: +911772813146

Ashiana restaurant

Incidentally, the Ashiana restaurant run by Himachal Tourism has been a landmark of Shimla for long due to its aesthetic design. However, that is not all and you can definitely have a taste of the famous food of shimla here. Steam filled breads, tomato based gravy and authentic Himachali cuisine is served here with love and passion. Owing to its location, you will also get an astounding view of the Himalayas on a clear day from the glass mirrors walls of Ashiana. 

shimla famous food

Location: The Ridge, Shimla

Phone: +911772621572

Indian Coffee House

A trip to any tourist destination is incomplete without a round of the Indian Coffee House and the same holds true for Shimla too. It is another among best places to eat in Shimla and is popular indeed as it used to be a favourite joint of the present Prime Minister of India, Sh. Narender Modi when he spent 3 -4 years of his life in Himachal Pradesh during late 90s.

famous food of shimla

A round of Indian Coffee House would be incomplete if you do not taste the famous South Indian Filter Coffee here. The hustle and bustle of the place definitely deserves as special mention and you will come across young and old here alike sharing their thoughts and ideas ranging from college gossips to national and international politics.

Location: The Mall, Shimla

Phone: +911772652982

Himachali Rasoi

The search for best places to eat in Shimla can definitely end here, especially if you are looking for authentic Himachal Food. Himachali Rasoi is the place to be. Located few steps below the Mall Road in Middle Bazar, this place can offer you the best taste of shimla famous food and other delicacies from the state.

Some of the items on menu are Kangri Dham Thali, Mandayali Dham Thali, Sidu (steamed wheat bun with fillings) , Babroo (fried wheat bread both sweet and savoury), Patande (Wheat Pancakes), Kangri Cha and Rehru or Warm spiced Lassi.

places to eat in Shimla

Location: Middle Bazar, next to Mall Road, Shimla

Phone: +911772652386

Shimla is a traveller’s paradise but definitely a foodie’s den too. When in the town, do make a round of these eateries and get a taste of famous food of shimla. You will definitely love it!

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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