Top treks in Himachal that should be on your wishlist

Himachal Pradesh is a unique land. Bestowed with beautiful locations, happy going people and unique cultural ambiance, the state has something for everyone. The hill state in North India is also known for its gradient, peaks and lakes.

We devote this post to top treks in Himachal and will give you a glimpse of the options that you can explore if you wish to trek in the hills.

Hampta Pass trek

This trek would rank among top treks in Himachal, if you are looking for a moderate grade trek in the hills. The beautiful terrain and picture perfect landscape will definitely keep you glued. You will come face to face with several streams, will have to descend down from slippery surfaces and will pass through forest trails and ultimately come to snow covered top which will transform you to a different land.

Location: Begins from Jobri village Near Manali in District Kullu

Deo Tibba trek

 The trek to base camp of Deo tibba can be considered among tough treks in himachal as you will be able to enjoy viewing Deo Tibba, Indrahar Peak and Jagatsukh glacier on the way. On the way to Deo Tibba, you will also come across many medicinal plant species. For a beginner, this trek could be tough but if you have not trekked before in Himachal Pradesh.

Location: Begins from Southwest of Manali near Jagatsukh Village in District Kullu

Buran Ghati Trek

This can be considered among best trek for beginners as the landscape is extremely beautiful. With pine trees accompanying you throughout the trail, the meadow filled location is truly picture perfect. The meadows of Dayara Burgyal and waterfall in Chandranahan add much needed charm to the entire experience.

Location: Begins from Village Janglik in Eastern region of District Shimla

Pin Parvati Valley trek

  This is another among the top treks in Himachal. The trek has a base altitude of 17,380 feet which makes it among tough treks in Himachal. The enormity of this trek can be judged from the fact that this trek begins from Phulga in Kullu and ends at Mud village in Spiti. The trek begins from green grassland meadows and ends in dry expanse of Spiti which in itself makes it a tough trek. The entire distance to be covered in this trek is 78 Km and require around 7-8 days in total.

Location: Begins from Village Barshaini in District Kullu

top treks in Himachal

Friendship Peak trek

If you are among those who wish to explore Himachal through its peaks and ranges, Friendship Peak is the best bet. You will come across Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges while trekking to Friendship peak. The trek will test the might of a person and as a trekker and traveller.

Location: Begins from Solang in Manali in District Kullu

These are some of the recommended treks in Himachal Pradesh that you should undertake, if you have an instinct for adventure travel.  Details on the individual treks will follow up in the coming blog on the trekking series!

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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