Guide to Best places to Eat in Manali

From foreign bag packers to Indian Honeymoon Couples, Manali witnesses diverse kind of tourist traffic. While there are ample places to explore in Manali, there are numerous eateries which can be billed among best places to eat in Manali.

From the famous Mall road which has some of the best bakery in Manali to Johnson Café, the town has something to satisfy every foodie’s instinct. Let’s check what we have to offer you in this list.

Best places to Eat in Manali

Rose Garden, Vashisth

The restaurant name defines its true essence. The garden leading to the restaurant is lined by roses. Most of the fruits that you get in this restaurant are grown locally and that too by organic means. The owner is Italian and you can expect Parma ham from Italy here. Pizza is another specialty of Rose Garden and you should end your meal with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This eatery is listed among best places to eat in Manali.

Opening Months: April to mid-October

Price: Meal for two costs Rs 1,000 approximately

Johnson Café

Johnson Café could not be the best place to have momos in manali but it definitely is, if you wish to feast on the best Himalayan river trout. It tastes best when served with Himachali red rice and steamed spinach. The café serves multi cuisine menu that basically consists of Mughal, Continental and local delicacies.

Best places to Eat in Manali

Opening Months: Open throughout the day.

Price: Meal for two costs Rs 1,200 approximately.



Martin’s is another good option if you wish to get a taste of manali menu. A special point to mention here is that Martin’s is only open on Sundays. This eatery is run by Austrian chef who gets support from local chefs (husband-wife duo). Martin’s is known for its grilled chicken and locals and tourists alike relish this preparation. The grilled chicken is so popular that you might need to order it in advance.

You can also order smoked trout here. You can also choose from a sortie of pizzas here.

Opening Months: April-November

Price: Sunday noon to 5 PM.

Contact Details: +919736246483

Drifter’s Café

For those who wish to relish hearty breakfast, Drifter’s Café is the place to be. Eggs Florentine, Eggs Benedict, waffles and pancakes are the key preparations that you can choose from the menu. The place has a laidback ambiance and you could even end up spending hours here.

Opening Months: Throughout the Year

Price: Meals for two cost Rs 800/-


When in Manali, you would definitely once criss-cross through the Mall Road. You should definitely make a round of Chopsticks. This is another among the best places to eat in Manali if you are looking for some mixture of Tibetan and Chinese cuisine. The restaurant has a Tibetan ambiance and you would feel the soothing calmness of the place instantly when you hop in here. You should order some gyakok, which is served in a copper vessel placed over a burner. You can dip noodles, tofu, chicken and boiled eggs in it. You can also taste some dumplings here which is a popular preparation at Chopsticks.

Opening Months: Throughout the Year

Price: Meals for two cost Rs 800/-

Local Delicacies

A trip to Manali would be incomplete if you do not get a taste of local delicacies. Sidu and Babru are some of the local preparations that you should definitely try. You do not need to get into some flashy restaurant to get a taste of the same. While wandering on Mall Road, you will come across women selling these delicacies. Dressed in their local dresses, these women reflect the cultural richness of the place. Moreover, you can also interact with them to get an understanding of the local lifestyle. On a good day, they could even share the recipes with you which you can definitely try when you head home.

Best places to Eat in Manali

Manali is a travellers delight. Get a taste of the elegant food here and make your trip memorable and unforgettable.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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