Why should you travel to Himachal Pradesh?

Why should you travel to Himachal Pradesh? An interesting question, if you ask me, well equally interesting is the answer. You should travel to Himachal Pradesh because this state in Northern part of India offers a unique collage of aesthetic locations, rich cuisine and diverse culture. Let us begin by exploring some regions of this hill state which will help you understand better.


Your travel to Himachal Pradesh can begin by exploration of this town which also happens to be the capital of the state. A hill town which is extremely popular among Indians as well as travellers from other countries, Shimla is known for its numerous gothic styled buildings which were designed by British architects during the period of British raj in India.

Shimla also has numerous locations that you can explore. Those with interest in understanding the nuances of architecture will find many buildings of interest which have been designed with extreme precision that makes them stand tall even today. The Christ Church of Shimla which is a distinct landmark of the town is one of these.


The next destination in your travel to Himachal Pradesh series can be Dharamsala. The town is known for some scenic views of Dhauladhar Ranges. Besides being able to explore Himalayas from close quarters, you can also go to a day trek to Triund which is a popular place to explore.

The biggest reason for being in Dharamsala could be an opportunity to exploreMcleodGanj which is also the abode of HH The Dalai Lama. If you have an interest in exploring different facades of Tibetan Culture, Dharamsala is the place to be.


Manali is another place that should be on your wish list when you travel to Himachal Pradesh. The town offers some of the best views of mighty Himalayas and you can plan a visit to Rohtang Pass to experience that raw side of nature which you might have thought to explore, once in your lifetime. The town otherwise also offers glimpse of rustic Himachali architecture as most of the local houses in the villages have been designed in typical Pahari architecture.

Spiti Valley

If you have that adventure bug biting you too often, perhaps Spiti valley is the place to be at. The tough terrain, rustic ambiance and an opportunity to explore Ladakh like feel is perhaps one of the best reasons that should attract you to Spiti Valley. The culture of the place is unique too and has a distinct Buddhist influence which you will notice in every aspect of life of the locals in the region.


Mandi is known as the “chothi kashi” due to its ancient temple architecture. Moreover, you will get to taste some of the authentic Pahari cuisine like Siddhu here which will definitely leave you spellbound. The culture of the region is unique too and you will get to see a different aspect of Himachal Pradesh in Mandi.

How to reach Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is well connected to all parts of India through air, rail and road network. It is an overnight journey from Delhi depending upon the location, you plan to head to. If travelling by train, you can reach up to Shimla and Joginder nagar through the Narrow Gauge rail route which is another speciality of the state.

Those travelling by Air can reach Kullu, Shimla and Kangra with extreme ease as all these airports have flights from major cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

Travel to Himachal Pradesh and explore the region. The memories you will carry along with you will definitely last your lifetime, a reason strong enough to begin! Pack your bags and leave; we would be waiting your suggestions and comments, once you accomplish this life changing journey!

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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