Top 10 Traditional Food of Himachal Pradesh that you must try

The food in Himachal Pradesh is as unique as the culture of this hill state located in northern region of India. Be it sweet or crispy, every dish cooked in different parts of the state holds its unique significance. Mostly these reflect the traditional essence of the region and this is a unique specialty of traditional food of Himachal Pradesh that you must experience when you visit this region of India.

Chana Madra

This is a popular Himachal Food that should be on your wish list when you plan a visit. The dish consists of chickpeas (soaked overnight) along with vegetables that reflect a taste of the state. Yogurt is a vital part of this preparation and so is Ghee which is used in considerable ratio in preparing Chana Madra. This dish is popular in Chamba and Kangra districts of the state.

Chicken cooked in Pahari Style

Another traditional food of Himachal Pradesh that you must try is chicken cooked in Pahari style. Stir fried chucks of chicken are used in this preparation. The use of mint, coriander, garlic and ginger add a unique taste to this preparation that you can experience only in Himachal Food.

Shorba from Gahat

A locally grown lentil, Gahat is known for its curative properties especially in curing Kidney stones. Ideally this is soup that you can get on request in many parts of the state if you are staying in a village during your vacations. A vital part of cuisine in Himachal Food, you will find it tasty and nutritious too at the same time. Garlic and Coriander are used for spicing up this prapration.


A mere mention of word Khatta brings water in the mouth if you ask some Himachali. Khatta is part of any traditional food of Himachal Pradesh and is served in Dham too.Ideally, it is made from chickpea flour and also contains spices and dry mango powder.

Auriya Kaddu

This is nothing but pumpkin which is cooked in different variations in Himachal Pradesh. This crop which is otherwise less popular tastes best when mixed with mustard seeds and this is what makes Auriya Kaddu a mouth watering delicacy.

Tawa Murga

For preparing this Himachal Food, you will require chicken that has been marinated in yogurt with extensive use of some garam masala (spices).  It is topped with some spray of red chilies and coriander which make it a mouth watering preparation.


Another popular preparation among traditional food of Himachal Pradesh is Babru.You can also call it a stuffed Kachori. It is also available in sweet as well a salty variant. Black grams are used in this preparation. Babru are deep fried before being served to the guests.


Siddu is prepared from wheat flour which has been left for 4 hours. It is then roasted on flame that maintains its half cooked flavour. You can consume it with vegetables as well as any non vegetarian preparation. You will find it in Kullu, Shimla and Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh.


You will find Mittha in any village home and it is an important part of Himachal food. It is also served during marriage ceremonies. Ideally it is rice which has been soaked in sweet jaggery and consists of dry fruits too. In some parts of the state it is served during beginning of the food course while in others it finds way post completion of the meals.

Trout from Kullu

 If you are a non vegetarian and happen to visit Kullu, it is sure that you would be served Trout. The fish is marinated cooked softly and has little spices which helps in maintaining the true taste of Trout. Enjoy it with vegetables and boiled potatoes and your day would be complete.

If you wish to try any of these dishes and happen to be in Shimla, Himachali Rasoi just 50 feet downwards from the Mall Road is the place to be.

Himachal Pradesh has a rich heritage of traditional food and you should definitely get a taste of the same whenever you are in the region.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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