Places for visit in Shimla

Shimla, a small town initially has now grown beyond its boundaries. However, the town which also happens to be the capital of Himachal Pradesh is elegantly beautiful and if you happen to visit it for the first time, the experience will surely be mesmerizing.

There are numerous places for visit in Shimla and if you are planning a visit to this erstwhile British town, the time is now.

The Ridge

Ridge which is the city centre is definitely one of the best places for visit in Shimla. A climb of 1 Km from the Bus Station if you happen to alight from the local bus service at Old Bust Station, Ridge is definitely a happening place.

Scandal point, wide open space and shops selling branded and local products line the street that connect Ridge and make it a happening spot in the town where locals and tourists can be seen lazing around in the summer or winter sun, whatever season it might be.

You will also get a breathtaking view of Himalayan range from the Ridge on a clear day.


Around 1.5 Km uphill from the Ridge lies the famous Jakhoo temple which is also listed among places for visit in Shimla. The Jakhoo hill is also the highest hill range in Shimla and it is the place where you will get snowfall to see, even if it is raining on a typical winter morning. The place is known for its Hanuman temple and the 108 feet high idol of Lord Hanuman.

Mall Road

Places for visit in Shimla also includes a stroll on the famous Mall Road. Even if you are a window shopper, the feeling will be refreshing. Besides purchasing electronic items, latest fashion accessories and books, you can also indulge in some food hunting as the Mall has some of the best local and continental food serving eateries in the town.

Christ Church

The church building designed in its Gothic architecture is definitely the best landmark of Shimla. Built in the year 1857, the church is popular for its stained glass windows, fresco and unique design. The Christ church is open for prayer everyday and you should definitely pay a visit to the church to relive its memorable history.


Among places for visit in Shimla, the name of Kufri definitely comes to mind. At a distance of over 15 km from Shimla, Kufri is a place popular for its adventure activities. If you happen to visit Shimla in winters, Kufri is the only place where you will definitely find snow. The stunning views of Himalayas are definitely an additive that Kufri will offer for free.

Shimla is definitely a traveller’s paradise. Ideally 2-3 days are enough to experience the lifestyle of this hill town. You can then head to Narkanda and Kinnaur if you are among those who have an adventure bug biting them!

Happy travelling!

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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