Things to carry while travelling to Hill Station

Well, your most awaited trip to the hills is few days away? Confused on what stuff to carry along so that you do not end up being caught on the wrong foot. Travelling can be fun if you pay attention to the things to carry while travelling to hill station.

I have come up with a check list, do go through it once and make your sojourn in the hills, an experience to cherish forever.

Good Quality Woolens

Among the list of things to carry while travelling to hill station, the top priority should be given to woolens. Even if you are travelling during summers, do not forget to carry light woolens. Weather in the hills changes like the mood of a child and it could rain even on a sunny day and you would be caught unaware.

Socks, pair of gloves and muffler are some other essentials that should be part of your travel kit.

Good Pair of Shoes

The roads will disappear when you are high up in the mountains. Even in big tourist towns of Shimla and Mussorie, vehicles are not allowed in core areas of the town. The concept of walking trails is very popular in the hills. A good pair of sport shoes will do the magic and you will definitely enjoy walking through this trail.

Things to carry while travelling to Hill Station

Stock of Medicines

Motion sickness is a common thing in hills. It would be better if you carry along a box of medicines. Altitude sickness can make you feel dizzy and your charm of travelling in the hills could go haywire. Make it a point to carry essential medicines among things to carry while travelling to Hill Station.


Even though you might not have a sweet tooth, chocolates can be the instant energy provider for you in the hills. As you will have to travel and trek a lot in the hills, a bar of chocolate will definitely give you the required dose of energy.

Skin Cream

The problem of dryness is common in hills, especially during winter months. Whenever you plan to travel do make it a point to include skin cream among things to carry while travelling to Hill Station. If you are planning to go to some high altitude areas like Ladakh, extra precaution in terms of carrying items like Sun screen should be taken else you could get sun burns which are painful at times.

Carry an Umbrella

As it can rain in the hills without any warning, a good pair of umbrella is a pre requisite. Moreover, it will also act as a walking stick when you are climbing a tough trail. A pair of sturdy umbrella can also keep the monkeys away as you can scare them away with a gesture.

Things to carry while travlling to hill station

Carry some cash always

ATMs can give you the biggest headache at times. The problem multiplies multifold in the hills as in most of small towns, the number is limited and these too do not work at times. If you venture beyond the town’s boundaries, there is a rare possibility of locating some working ATM. It is thus always advisable to carry some cash along so that you might not get caught away in some tricky situation.

Keep these items handy and on priority among things to carry while travelling to Hill Station and you will definitely cherish your visit to the hills.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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