Traditional Costumes of Himachal Pradesh

The Pahari state of Himachal Pradesh has something unique that attracts everyone. Be it its food, pristine locations or culture, the state offers everyone a unique perspective.  The traditional costumes of Himachal Pradesh also add a distinct colour to the rich cultural ambiance of the state.

Himachali Caps

One of the iconic symbols among traditional costumes of Himachal Pradesh is the Himachali Caps. These are basically worn in the districts of Kullu, Kinnaur, Lahual &Spiti, Shimla and Sirmaur. The Kullu cap is the most famous one with designs woven in geometric shapes adorning most of the part of the cap. Other popular Himachali Caps include the one having Patti of Red or Green Colour over them. 

If you are visiting the region of Shimla and Kinnaur, the most popular cap colour you would find is the one with a green Patti. Almost every person in upper region of Shimla and Kinnaur can be seen wearing these. The red Patti cap is more popular in other regions of Himachal Pradesh.

Traditional Costumes of Himachal Pradesh

Himachali Shawls

Himachali Shawls also form a major part among traditional costumes of Himachal Pradesh. Geometric designs on the edges add a unique touch to the design and make them look and feel different from other such products available in the region. Traditionally, Kullu shawls are most popular with some deigns gaining international recognition.

You will find most of these shawls in white, grey and off- white and lime colour. Pashmina, angora and lamb wool is mostly used in weaving these traditional designed shawls.

Traditional Costumes of Himachal Pradesh
Source: Googlearts


Most of the houses in rural areas of Himachal Pradesh, especially in upper Himachal are made of wood. This makes it a perfect place to wear Pulla, or slippers that are also known as grass slippers. It is available in multicolor design and will definitely options. You would definitely love to wear and flaunt it off in your home.


Dathu is the traditional head cover that is worn by women mostly in districts of Sirmaur, Kullu and Shimla. A simple piece of cloth that is used to cover the hair is mostly used since the women do all of the outdoor work like carrying grass on their head. It has been a part of tradition to wear Dathu and you will find numerous colour and designs in it, if you happen to visit the rural areas of Himachal in the above mentioned districts.

Traditional Costumes of Himachal Pradesh
Source: Allgudthings

Where to Buy

Preferably, you should buy these traditional costumes of Himachal Pradesh from Government recognized shops and societies only. This way, you would be taking home, some of the best products which have been woven by villagers who are traditionally associated with this form of craft.

Bhuttico is a leading society in this niche and has stores in major cities of Himachal Pradesh and some other cities across India.

These are some of the main traditional costumes and designs that have survived the test of time in the state and can be seen commonly even today. The other traditional dresses like cholis and ghagras with unique Pahari design and ambiance are only worn during traditional festivals, which sadly are on the decline now.

More on such traditions and costumes in the coming blogs in this series!

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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