Jispa- A hidden treasure of Lahaul Valley

Last time when I visited Jispa in 2019, little had changed from my previous visit in 2003. For the fact, that kids had grown into teenagers and some old gems from the village had passed away. Well, that’s life, I guess!

Jispa, a small but beautiful village lies on the banks of Bhaga River and offers the most pristine views, you can ever expect in Lahaul valley. Travellers to Leh make a point to stop over at Jispa, some 22 Km ahead of Keylong.

Beyond a one night stop, Jispa offers the opportunity to explore the wild from close quarters, if you are an adventure lover. Just off the main path from the village, you will be greeted by the calmly flowing River with the flow being so quaint that you could spend hours sitting by it.

The perils of modern world have made it to Jispa too and you will find some adventure seekers doing river rafting in the Bhaga River. Well, that offers some gainful employment for the locals who otherwise have nothing to do than to admire nature.

On the way to riverbank

What to Do in Jispa

You could also visit the monastery in Jispa and interact with monks who would love to show you around the premises.  For the more knowledge ones, engagement with monks could be of next level too and they can learn some basics of Buddhism too.

The village has everything that you can think of, a health centre, a post office, hotels and a helipad too. Well, this is no simple village and over the past few years, it has made to the tourist circuit of Himachal Pradesh, a far call away from the shrillness of 2003 when it was a non descript village.

The village also has a small museum that depicts the art and architecture of the Lahaul Valley and offers an opportunity to the visitors to know more about culture of this Buddhist Land.

The quaintly flowing Bhaga River

When to Visit Jispa

Summers are the best time to plan a visit to Jispa. You can even visit during monsoon months as the region has scanty rainfall. The roads however become tricky to travel through by late October as ice formation begins.

During winter months, the region is cut off totally from rest of world. However, with opening of Atal Tunnel, Lahual has been connected with outer world throughout the year. However, it waits to be seen on what could be its implications for Jispa.

For if, meaningful connectivity could be provided during harsh winter months, Jispa could emerge as the adventure hub for winter sports as the gradient of the region favours such activities.

The place is so unique that when you visit it once, the inclination for coming over again definitely remains. For those who have interest in exploring the details of rural Lahauli culture, Jispa should definitely be on the travel itinerary.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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