Places to see in Chamba

Chamba,in Himachal Pradresh, a small town located amidst tall peaks, calm and sometimes roaring waters of Ravi river has a rich cultural heritage that spans over 1000 years. Temples, scenic trails and treks make this a must visit destination for travel lovers who often skip visiting the town as they pass through the much commercialized locations of Dalhousie and Khajjiar.

However, there are many places to see in Chamba that should be on your itinerary when you plan a visit to the region.

Akhand Chandi

The Akhand Chandi Palace in the town definitely deserves a visit. This palace was built by Raja Umedh Singh between 1747 and 1765. You will see an exciting blend of British and Mughal architecture in this palace.

Places to see in Chamba
Image Courtesy: Travel Notes

Lately, the palace has been handed over to Government of Himachal Pradesh and the building was converted into a Government College.

Champavati temple, Chamba

King Sahil Verman built this temple in 935AD in memory of princess Champawati. This temple has shikara style and stone carvings which have history hidden in them. It is said that Champavati gave her life so that the town could receive rainfall. She is worshipped like a Goddess in the region and finds mention among different songs that are sung in her praise.

Places to see in Chamba
Image Courtesy: Hellotravel


Planning to meet with freinds or want to laze around in the town. There is no better place than Chamba Chaughan to do so. A wide green expanse of grass, the Chaughan which literally means a wide ground, the Chaughan in Chamba has been the landmark of this beautiful town. No visit to the town is complete when you do not complete a mandatory round of the Chaughan. The famous Minjar mela begins from this Chaughan itself.

Places to see in Chamba
Image Courtesy: Holidify

Bhuri Singh Museum

Want to expereince the culture of chamba under one roof. Head to Bhuri Singh Museum that preserves relics from ancient times and gives one the opportunity to explore the history and culture. This museum was built in 1908 in honour of raja Bhuri Singh who was a king of Chamba.

You will find pahari styles painitings, the famous chamba rumal and chamba chappal in this museum. Numerous manuscripts and artifacts also line up the galleries of this museum and make it a must visit destination, when you are in the town.

Places to see in Chamba
Image Courtesy: Sushanttravels

Lakshmi Narayan temple

Among places to see in Chamba, Lakshmi Narayan temple is a popular one. This temple was built by Sahil Verman in the 10th century and has been designed in Shikara Style. Its wodden chhattries offer the temple a unique look and visitors are often left spellbound by the exclusive beauty and serene ambiance of the place.

Places to see in Chamba
Image Courtesy: Myoksha

How to Reach

Chamba is accessible all year around. The nearest airport is at Pathankot in Punjab which is 120 Km away. You can hire a cab or travel by State Transport buses to the town which run frequently during the day.

Chamba is a historical town and when you travel to the place, do not forget to relish the famous Chambyali Dham. The expereince you will carry back will change your perspective in a positive way towards exploring and experiencing life.

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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