Cuisine- Best Food in Chamba that you must try

The cuisine of Chamba is as popular as its traditions. You will find a range of options when it comes to best food in Chamba. Madhra leads the list and is one of the vital component of the Chambyali dham which should be on your wishlist when you explore this hidden jewel of Himachal Pradesh, we all know by name of Chamba.

Let’s begin by exploring some of the best food in Chamba that you must try.


This is one of the famous food in Chamba and undoubetedly makes it to the list of best food in Chamba. Soaked chickpeas or Rajmah form the core of this traditional dish in which large quantity of ghee is also used. Addition of spices like cloves, cinamon, cumin and coriander powder take the taste of Madhra to next level.

Tudkiya Bhath

Commonly known as pulao in other regions, this dish is prepared in its unique ways in this region and is a famous food of Chamba. Surely, it does make to the list of best food in Chamba. Cooked in its unique style here, the tudkiya bhath includes potatoes, lentils and some freshly prepared yogurt.

Onion, tomatoes, garlic and cinnamon also add to the taste of tudkiya bhath. Adding a pinch of lime juice to this preparation will definitely make your mouth water, even before you have tasted this preparation.

Best Food in Chamba
Image Courtesy: Cookpad

Chha Gosht

A popular non-vegeterian dish from Chamba, Chha Gosht will definitely tickle your taste buds, once you try it. Prepared from souse lamb, it has a thick gravy of gram flour and yogurt which lends it the unique taste, the dish deserves. Addition of spices like coriander powder, bay leaf, ginger and garlic paste also adds to the finger licking taste and makes it a popular dish from Chamba.

Best Food in Chamba
Image Courtesy: Blogger


Another among best food in Chamba is Babru. This is very much similar to Kachori in size and shape but definitely tastes different and that too in Chamba. Ideally, it is a flat bread that has stuffing of black gram paste. It is best enjoyed with tamarind chtney and people eat it alongside madhra too which complements the taste authentically.

Best Food in Chamba
Image Courtesy: Archana’s

Chambayli Dham

No visit to Chamba is complete without trying the famous Chambayli Dham. You can get it prepared on request in your hotel or homestay in Chamba, whenever you are visiting this area.

Rajmah, rice, dal, boor ki kadi and jaggery comprise the meal which are served in a particular sequence. Generally, this dham is served on special occassions like weddings and religious gatherings. The chefs who prepare and serve Chambayli dham are known as Bhotis.

Image Courtesy: The Road Forks

Chamba is a travellers paradise. Like the numerous places that one can visit in the region, the cuisine is special too. Do explore and taste the dishes mentioned above and you will definitely want to come over again and again!

Author: Lovnish Thakur

Development Sector Professional who loves to read, write and travel

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